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March 31, 2014

March Beauty Favourites

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It's the time of the month when I share with you the beauty products that I've been loving. Some of these I've mentioned in blog posts this month but there are a few things (both new and old) that deserved a mention as there are always products that slip through the cracks! I hope you enjoy reading and maybe you'll find something here that you like the look of.

Roots Hair Treatment
If you missed the post I wrote on this I'd highly recommend that you give it a read because I think this product deserves some loving  - link to my full review here. But, in short, I have been loving this hair mask over the last three months and I think it has done wonders for my hair! I'll definitely be picking it up again and I think that it is a great option for those with fine hair, especially if you love minty smells!

Macadamia No Tangle Brush*
This hair brush has become the only one I reach for and I absolutely love it. It's functional, easy to clean and the colour makes it easy to spot when my room is a bit of a mess! I'd definitely recommend it over the Tangle Teezer - (link to my full review here).

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo
This was very kindly given to my by a friend and it is an absolutely fantastic dry shampoo. It is a little bit more hassle to use than a dry shampoo in an aerosol can but it has many benefits that make it worthwhile. It is a powder formula that you distribute into your hands and then work into the areas of your hair (normally the roots) that you need to de-grease. The powder leaves your hair looking so much cleaner and it stays looking fresher for much longer than other dry shampoos that I've tried, even two days after washing my hair! An added bonus is that the powder also works to add volume to the hair which I personally love as my hair is quite fine and can fall quite flat. I'd highly recommend trying it!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I was raving about this make-up sponger earlier this month and with good reason! It makes applying foundation really easy and gives a flawless finish. I love it and as you can see I've gone out and bought another one so I don't have to use the same one everyday - link to my full review here.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Flowers in Her Hair*
I'm not usually a big on nail polish but I've been wearing Deborah Lippmann's 'Flowers in Her Hair' for the whole of March so I thought it was worth a mention! The colour is gorgeous and you can see my swatches here.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Lotion
Before I go on to mention the La Roche Posay Duo [+] I thought I'd also include this Tea Tree product from the Body Shop. If you can't splash out too much money but need a product to help clear blemishes then I'd highly recommend this!

La Roche Posay Duo [+]*
La Roche Posay's Duo [+] is pretty darn incredible stuff. It really is working wonders at improving the texture and look of my skin, decongesting some of my under-the-skin bumps and fading the marks left by blemishes. The more I use it the more I see how great it is, I'd highly recommend it - link to my review here.

L'Oreal Liquid Lipstick in Rose Symphony
This has been my make-up find of the month and I've worn it a lot. Every time I've worn it I've gotten multiple compliments on the colour (from men and women alike) and the finish is super glossy which I love without being sticky. I think Rose Symphony is the perfect shade for me from the line but I'd definitely like to get some more colours soon because I'm in love with the formula - link to my full review here.

MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara in Black
This has been my go-to mascara this month and I think that it makes for a great every-day option because it really lengthens my lashes without adding too much volume. It gives me fluttery eyes without leaving my lashes looking clumpy and the formula lasts well even in the rain. If you're interested in seeing what it looks like on my lashes, I'm wearing it in this post and this post

Trilogy Rosehip Oil
After I finished my Liz Earle SuperSkin Concentrate (link to my post on it here), I turned to Trilogy's Rosehip Oil and it has been a great alternative. The consistency is different from the Liz Earle option, it's a bit lighter and takes longer to absorb, but it does good job at evening out redness which is something I need in a facial oil. I'm sure I'll be using this for a long time and I'd recommend this if you're after something relatively affordable that is still effective.

Biotherm Pure.fect Microexfoliating Lotion
I've been using this consistently for months and months now and it has lasted me so well. It's essentially the same sort of product as the much raved about Pixi Glow Tonic, an exfoliating toner that helps refine pores and fade marks on the skin. I haven't mentioned it for a while so I thought I would today as it has been a consistent feature in my skincare routine since I mentioned it last year - link to my full review here.

What do you think of my March Favourites - have you tried any of these products? Is there anything here that you'd like to try but haven't yet?



  1. Fab favourites hun! I'm tempted to buy another RT sponge because I can't be bothered to wash it every 2 or 3 days. It's really grown on me recently. xx

  2. I really want to try the Trilogy Rosehip oil, I used their Rosapene Night cream which I absolutely love.

    I've really liked the Liquid Lipstick's from L'Oreal this month too.
    Catherine, xo | Lady Liquor Vintage

  3. Now I want to try all of this :)! But the thing I'd like to try out right away is the Triology Rosehip oil, I bet it's awesome, especially in the evening, like you use it :).


  4. I love the trilogy rosehip oil i'm on the last few drops and want to get my hands on the pai bioregenerate rosehip oil, looks lovely!

    Tanya xo

  5. Everyone is raving about the RT Beauty Blender ! I am 100 % going to try it! x


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