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February 18, 2015

FOTD: Playing With New Makeup

Since I got back from Greece I've had a bit of a beauty re-shuffle. I had a "makeup shakeup" and decided to move some new products into my everyday makeup bag. So, today I thought that I'd share how I've been getting along with each product and whether or not I like them enough to keep them in my daily routine, or if I'll be returning to my old favourites.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Seventeen Drugstore all in one brow kit

Seventeen Brow's That Brow Kit

I swapped out my Catrice Eyebrow Pencil (that I've been using for far too long) for this little set from Seventeen. It comes with a mini coloured eyebrow pencil, a tinted gel and two powders. If I'm completely honest, the only product in the set I like to use is the brown powder and then if I want some added definition I reach for my Tinted Eyebrow Gel from Catrice. I think I prefer the look of my eyebrows when I've used a powder rather than a pencil, but this kit is brilliant for travelling or those new to makeup because it comes with just about everything you need. The only thing it's missing is an eyebrow spoolie - to brush through your brows - but, overall, I'm impressed with this brow kit and I'm definitely going to keep on reaching for it.

Claudia Louch Lashware Mascara in Black*

I love trying new mascaras and so far I've been pretty impressed with this one from Claudia Louch. It has a really nice fibre brush that adds both length and volume, although it doesn't do much to add any curl to your lashes. What I particularly like about the Lashware Mascara is that it doesn't smudge on me, especially on my lower lashes where mascaras often tend to let me down. I feel as though I can confidently apply this on both my upper and lower lashes and wear it all day long without it budging. This is the kind of quality I'd definitely expect from a luxury product (which this most certainly is) which is part of a range of makeup launched by a natural holistic skin specialist and health scientist operating out of London's esteemed Harley Street. If you're into high-end makeup or love trying new brands then I'd definitely recommend this as it does perform exactly as it promises. I'll most certainly be keeping this in my everyday routine!

When I received this eyeliner in my February LookFantastic Beauty Box I was initially really excited to give this it a try. I haven't tried much from Bellápierre Cosmetics but I liked the idea of incorporating a brightening eyeliner into my routine - using it on my waterline to make my eyes look wider and brighter. However, what I found is that the eyeliner is incredibly hard and doesn't deposit much colour onto your waterline at all. It does still give a very subtle brightening effect but it wasn't at all what I had in mind when I first started using it. I really dislike using such a hard eyeliner on such a delicate and sensitive area of my face and I can't see myself using this too often whatsoever and I wouldn't recommend it!

NYX Cream Blush in Tickled

I picked up this NYX Cream Blush when I was in Greece, where I spotted a NYX store and was very happy to swatch all the products in person for the first time. I liked the look of Tickled because I thought it would be a brightening and illuminating blush that would be just perfect for spring and summer. I wasn't wrong! I love the sheer cream formula as it means that you can really build up your perfect colour and I find Tickled a really flattering shade. I know that not all the Cream Blushes have the exact same formula (my friend bought one with a thicker, creamier consistency) but I think that overall it was a great buy and I'm really happy to have it in my collection. I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a new, easy-to-wear, blush for the spring and summer months.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Drugstore Makeup Fixing Spray
This is a relatively new release from Makeup Revolution and I was very happy to try it out as I suffer from quite an oily t-zone. Normally, throughout the day I can usually really notice a difference in the look of my makeup and I really hate how shiny my nose and forehead always gets. I've never used a Fixing Spray before so I can't compare Makeup Revolution's Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray to other similar products, but I did find that it made a considerable, visible difference to the way my makeup lasted throughout the day. The spray distributes a relatively fine and even layer of the product, and it helped keep my t-zone from looking shiny for hours longer than I'd normally expect. However, I would advise you to only use this spray where you really need it - so for me that's just across my t-zone - as I found that it could leave my skin looking a bit dry if I used it where it wasn't needed. Overall, I'd have to say that I'm impressed. It's great to see such an affordable option so easily available and I'll definitely be reaching for this when I want to really amp-up the lasting time of my makeup.

And this completes my round-up! I'd love to know if you've tried any of these products before or if you have any recommendations for new products I could try out next :)



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