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February 12, 2015

My Valentine's Day Roses

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Rose Scented Bodycare Fragrance Skincare

Ladies and Gentlemen, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us! I'm currently enjoying a me, myself and I  relationship so I don't have anyone to unexpectedly surprise me with a bouquet of roses this coming Saturday. But this doesn't need to be a negative, quite the opposite! This week has been all about beautiful rose scents and let me tell you, I have been indulging. Here's my round up of all the gorgeous rose-scented beauties that I've been loving - and, if I'm honest, they smell better than the real thing!

Roger & Gallet Rose Imaginaire Eau Fraiche*Roger & Gallet Rose Hand & Nail Cream* and Roger & Gallet Rose Melt-in Body Lotion*

Roger & Gallet always deliver on high quality and positively dreamy fragrances - and their line of rose scented products is no exception. I've talked about their hand creams before, they're light but hydrating, the perfect sort of product to keep in your handbag for use on the go! The Melt-In Body Lotion has the same delicate scent in a thicker, more nourishing consistency and it's a real treat for dry skin. However, the stand-out product, in my opinion, is the Rose Imaginaire Eau Fraiche. It has a richer, deeper rose scent that's just a touch more sophisticated, giving it that je ne said quai that will keep you reaching for it time and time again. I find that Roger & Gallet's fragrances last really well on me but the smaller 30ml bottle is very slim, making it perfect to pop into your handbag to top up on-the-go. All in all, I think that Roger & Gallet's products make wonderful gifts, the packaging is really sweet and strikes the right balance between flirty and sophisticated.

Organic Surge Nourishing Rose Day Cream*

This is my first foray into the big world of Organic Surge - as a brand they're really done very well for themselves and I often spot their products on some of my favourite beauty blogs, however, this is my very first insight! The Nourishing Rose Day Cream has a classic rose scent that's gently tempered by a touch of geranium (one of my favourite fragrances). Packed full of oils - argan and rose - the cream has a pleasantly light consistency given how hydrating it feels. I can't yet comment on how effective this day cream is over time, but all my first impressions are really positive. I also noted how luxurious the packaging feels. It comes packaged in a very tasteful box and then the cream itself is housed in a weighty, glass pump bottle - and the pump delivers the right amount of product to reduce unnecessary product waste. I can now understand all the rave reviews I've read over the last year!

Rose Scented Beauty Products from Yves Rocher

I must admit that I've become very fond of Yves Rocher's products recently. They have such a tremendous selection on their website with everything from lipstick (in some seriously beautiful shades no less) to fragrance. Yves Rocher's Quelques Notes d'Amour is another lovely rose option that has a depth and a lingering sweetness that many people would find very appealing. It lasts very well too - I  own a couple of Yves Rocher perfumes, and I think they're all very good value for money as more often than not they're available at big discounts up to half their full retail price. The packaging and bottles are also very nice. Quelque Notes d'Amour's bottle is very simple, but it has an impression across two sides that form the shape of a heart. I find little details like this very endearing!

one little vice beauty blog: luxury rose scented cleansing balm review

I think I've probably saved the best for last. RMK's Cleansing Balm has the most delicate rose scent that reminds me of fresh rose petals. I was recently invited by RMK to try out their new Vintage Sweets collection and before my makeover they used this cleansing balm on me. It feels so indulgent on the skin because it's richness allows you to really work the product into your skin, and as you do you can really enjoy the wonderful scent. It does a beautiful job of removing makeup and cleansing, and afterwards your skin is left feeling positively plump and radiant. I fell in love with it after the first use and it's definitely one of my top beauty crushes right now (in fact, RMK in general is my favourite brand at the moment - their products are just so dreamy).

If you don't have anyone to buy you roses this Valentine's Day then go out and indulge your senses like I have - these beauty bits will last longer than flowers anyway! 



  1. I adore anything rose scented! I love the sound of the Roger and Gallet products, the body lotion sounds wonderful! xx

  2. I totally agree with you just when you're not dating or with someone doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fun things! I never tried anything you suggested but I know I will be wearing my D&G Rose the One!

    Also I'm not going to lie if I didn't have a someone to buy me flowers I bought myself flowers! I just love to look at them/smell them!

  3. What a lovely range, rose scents are so relaxing too xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  4. Love the OS Rose Day cream. The RMK Cleansing Balm sounds gorgeous! x

  5. Roger&Gallet is my favourite when it comes to Rose scents, and I adore the formula of their hand creams! ;) xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty


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