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February 24, 2015

Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant Review

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Organic Skincare Kosmea Exfoliater

This year I've really upped my skincare game, but one product that I always struggle to find is a good facial exfoliater that'll work on my sensitive combination skin. However, I started using Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant* at the beginning of the month and it has seriously, seriously impressed me. It's completely different from the manual exfoliaters that I've used in the past as it doesn't contain any large or harsh exfoliating particles. Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant has a medium-thick, creamy texture (see image below) and is packed full of crushed camomile followers and very finely ground rose hips which very gently exfoliate your skin. I find that it does leave my skin feeling smoother and softer, but most importantly it isn't left looking red or feeling tight and dry.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Organic Skincare Exfoliater Kosmea

It's very comfortable to massage the product into your skin and it's thick enough to be able to sit on the skin without slipping off and creating a mess. Indeed, on the packaging it indicates that you can also use Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant as a face mask by massaging it into your skin before leaving it on your skin for about five minutes. As this exfoliater contains kaolin and rice flower (which both draw out skin impurities to improve skin clarity) I can see this being a great option for oily or blemished skin. 

Kosmea is definitely a luxury brand and their Daily Facial Exfoliant isn't "cheap". However, the high quality ingredients speak for themselves and I've found it a wonderful addition to my routine as I have a  difficult skin-type that many exfoliating products don't cater towards. I think that it would work really well for those who have combination, oily or sensitive skin, and if you'd like to try it for yourself then you can find it on MyPure where it's currently on offer (along with free delivery and many free gifts with purchases over £30).

Which exfoliating product(s) are you currently using?



  1. it seems so good..i really like to try it

  2. Sounds really nice! I love this kind of texture! x

  3. I wasn't keen on this as an exfoliator, but really liked using it as a face mask! xx

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  4. I love the texture, would be happy to try it out!


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