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June 12, 2015

bagsy's FeelUnique Beauty Launch

one little vice beauty blog: new beauty release handbag beauty products
one little vice beauty blog: handbag products available from feelunique

This week I attended the launch party for bagsy - a new beauty brand launching on FeelUnique this coming Monday (June 15th). Bagsy is releasing a capsule beauty collection featuring the sorts of beauty products that you might want to carry in your handbag; dry shampoo, a range of colour cosmetics, a compact kabuki brush and a makeup bag.

But what makes bagsy different? What makes the bagsy interesting?

The people behind bagsy are actually a British beauty manufacturing company with years of experiencing in producing luxury cosmetics for some of the biggest existing beauty brands. They've brought together all their knowledge about the best formulations, the most popular colours and the best packaging to produce their own edit of handbag beauty essentials. I had the pleasure of trying out all of bagsy's beauty range in person at the launch and I was immediately impressed with the look and feel of their products. The formulas of the products are just spot on, and bagsy's in-house design team have gone all out and produced utterly swoon-worthy packaging. But the best part? These are beauty products that feel and look luxurious but that are still affordable to indulge in!

one little vice beauty blog: bagsy beauty new launch handbag dry shampoo

In the interest of providing functional, multi-tasking products, bagsy's dry shampoo also doubles as a hair perfume and volumizer. It applies completely transparent and adds an instant dose of volume along with a noticeable but subtle fresh scent. It's infused with pro vitamin B5 and oat oil, as well as rice and tapioca which do all the grease-lifting. I don't personally get the impression that this dry shampoo is a heavy-hitter (meaning, it isn't necessarily going to revive third day hair), but for an after work hair re-fresh then I think it's a great option. The packaging is certainly stunning and would be a very welcome addition to my handbag or desk drawer. It isn't my favourite product from bagsy's impressive line-up but I can see that it serves a purpose and I think that many people will really love it.

one little vice beauty blog: bagsy beauty new launch handbag brush on feelunique
one little vice beauty blog: handbag beauty essentials from feelunique

bagsy Kabuki Brush* | rrp £15.00 

This is a super soft, small and portable kabuki brush and it's perfect for applying bronzer as it distributes just the right amount of product, giving a beauitfully even and seamless finish. I initially thought that the price point of this brush was a little high, but now that I've tried it myself I can see that it's an incredibly high quality makeup brush. It is small and it will initially feel like an expensive purchase, but I think it's definitely worth it. The packaging is beautiful, the brush itself is sturdy and functional and it comes with it's own small branded bag to keep it safe. I'm totally converted and I'm already considering buying another one of these for my best friend - she's a bronzer fiend and I think she'd really appreciate this handbag friendly brush.

one little vice beauty blog: handbag friendly bronzer from feelunique

one little vice beauty blog: handbag bronzer new launch

bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium Dark 02* | rrp £18.00

The packaging of bagsy's Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powders is my favourite out of bagsy's beauty collection. It's housed in a particularly attractive box, inside of which it enjoys it's own protective bag, and the bronzer itself is incredibly slim-line - making it perfect for carrying on-the go. The two shades available look very wearable, my photos are of the shade Medium Dark which I think is an apt description as it's not too dark but enjoys a distinct terracotta colour. It would probably be too deep a shade for my fair skin but I like the look of the colour as it isn't scarily orange toned! Sadly, these bronzers contain talc, an ingredient to which my skin is sensitive, so I won't be using them myself. However, this does mean that I have an un-used sample on my hands and soon I'll be hosting a little twitter competition giving my twitter followers the chance to win this for themselves.

one little vice beauty blog: handbag friendly makeup available from feelunique
one little vice beauty blog: giftable makeup from new makeup brand bagsy
one little vice beauty blog: bagsy new makeup line blush from feel unique

I'm super into cream blushes, they're quick, easy and I love the finish that they give. The down-side, they can be messy and are often not housed in travel-friendly packaging. Bagsy's Pretty Cheeks Velvet Blushes strike a nice balance between functional and aetheticly pleasing packaging, and their presentation in their outer packaging is just wonderful too. I had my eye on the shade Velvet Coral - a bright, wearable orange - but Velvet Rose (which I'm wearing in today's photos) is also incredibly pretty. Velvet Rose is a mid-tone pink (see all my hand swatches at the end of this blog post) and it enjoys a very functional cream-to-powder formula. You can either dot the product straight onto your cheeks and then blend the blush out with your fingers (which is what I did), or you can apply it onto the back of your hand and then use your fingers to apply it to your cheeks. Either way, I find that the blush applies really nicely and is effortless to blend. It marries the strengths of cream and powder formulas and is truly a travel-friendly blush. I don't think I'll be able to resist the coral shade!

one little vice beauty blog: handbag friendly makeup from feelunique
one little vice beauty blog: bagsy new makeup line matte lipstick

For me, bagsy's Lip Velvet Soft Lip Colours are one of the stand-out products from their new collection. I absolutely adore the easy-to-wear shade Spinning Plates, but the formulation of this product is what intrigued me the most. On the lips bagsy's Lip Velvets offer the look of an opaque, matte lipstick, but in texture they're light, creamy and feel much more like a gloss. They're very comfortable to wear and easy to apply, unlike most matte lip products. The packaging is very compact which makes them perfect for keeping in your handbag, and although they look small - almost as though you don't get much product - they actually contain more product than Hourglass' Matte Rouge Liquid Lipsticks which are almost double the price. If you're a lip product junkie and love trying new formulations then these are a must-have, I haven't come across anything quite like them before.

one little vice beauty blog: handbag makeup from new launch bagsy
one little vice beauty blog: bagsy new makeup line red lipstick

This is another really impressive lip product. I'm usually sceptical of chubby lip products because I often find the formulations really disappointing, however, bagsy's Wow Lips Lip Colour Chubby Sticks are a whole new ballgame. They apply completely opaque with a healthy dose of gloss, but this gloss wears away throughout the day and you're left with a comfortable matte lip stain that fades really evenly. The way they wear is really impressive and I actually prefer how the shade Killer Heels looks when it's been patted down to a slightly more matte stain-like finish. Coming from someone who's a bit afraid to wear red lip products, I can see myself reaching for this chubby stick a lot - I'd love to try the other three available shades.

one little vice beauty blog: beautiful makeup that would make great gifts
one little vice beauty blog: bagsy makeup on feel unique

I love sheer, glossy lip colours - they're effortless to apply and instantly leave you looking more groomed. Bagsy's Lip Cocoons are housed in seriously pretty packaging with a sturdy enough lid that won't fall off when it's in your hand bag. The first thing you notice once you remove the lid is the raspberry scent, it's strong and sweet without smelling fake and it lingers once you've applied the product to the lips. The Raspberry Lip Cocoon contain sunflower oil, shea butter, castor oil and beeswax to nourish and rehydrate your lips whilst also offering a wash of colour. You can get a glimpse of the finish that it offers in the photo above - I applied a couple of swipes to my lips, rubbed them together and hey presto I was ready to go. Based on the packaging, the formulation and the colour, I think that this is one of my favourite products from Bagsy's capsule beauty collection.

one little vice beauty blog: new beautiful makeup from bagsy on feelunique
one little vice beauty blog: beauitulf neutral eye colour from bagsy
one little vice beauty blog: bagsy makeup new release on feelunique

I fell in love with the shade Caffeine Fix as soon as I saw it. It's a perfect everyday nude eyeshadow colour that's noticeable but that still captures a "barely there" feel. It's a cream eyeshadow that's easy to apply and blend with your fingers and has a gorgeous sheen that gives the impression of much more effort than is actually required. My photos don't really do the overall finish of this eyeshadow justice, although they do capture the essence of the colour - a slightly grey-toned sheeny taupe. If I walked into a shop and saw this eye colour, especially in this sort of gorgeous packaging, I would have to buy it. It's just very "me" - ie. very easy, quick and effortless, and it will go with everything. The formula is nicer than I'd expected too, sheer but easy to layer up and relatively long lasting even without a primer. My first impressions on this are definitely very good, but I don't know if I'd be raving about it as much if I had a different shade in front of me.

one little vice beauty blog: incredible new beauty duo for handbag from bagsy

At the launch event, bagsy's Wonder Wand was heralded as their stand-out product. I was initially sceptical, I liked the idea of a multi-purpose concealer and illuminator but I didn't know if it would actually translate into a functional product. Long story short, I've tried it and it does work - it works really well. The shade of the concealer is a bit too dark for me to use alone, but if I mix the concealer with the illuminator then the shade works really well for me and it makes under-eye concealing a piece of cake. The real trick is using the right amount of product, I initially applied too much and found that it creased under my eye. However, when I applied a little bit less I absolutely loved the coverage and finish that it gave. I also tried using the illuminating side on my cheekbones and brow bone and it works perfectly. Shade-wise it won't be for everyone (although if it's a success then there may be more shade son the way), but I adore it and I can see myself reaching for this daily - at home and on-the-go.

one little vice beauty blog: lip, cheek and eye makeup swatches from bagsy beauty

Overall, I think bagsy's collection is really impressive and I can see that the shade range and formulas have been selected and designed by seasoned beauty experts. The collection is very true to the brand's chosen identity - with every product fitting into the compact and hurried world of beauty on-the-go. I have my favourites from the range of products I've tried but there weren't any disappointing products in the line-up. I'm very excited to see these launch on FeelUnique on Monday June 15th and in the meantime take a browse of bagsy's website to get a better look at their entire range.



  1. The Beautiful Eyes colour is so gorgeous, my kind of shade and product for the summer!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. That's so interesting! I am excited to try their brand! I love shopping on FeelUnique.I think my favourite on you is the Wow Lips Lipstick. The colour looks amazing on you and really brightens your complexion! Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  3. The packaging for everything is just gorgeous - I definitely need to check out these products x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. Wow, they look like such lovely products!

    Tayla |

  5. Oh, wow, they're all totally shades that I would wear!

  6. All of these products are so beautifully packaged!

  7. Everything about this new range appeals to me! First of all the packaging is gorgeous, right up my street as I'm a packaging junkie! The colours and products are just gorgeous too - I'm definitely heading to FeelUnique on Monday to pick up some stuff.

    Stephanie xxx


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