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June 06, 2015

Escentual French Pharmacy Discounts and Skincare Recommendations

one little vice beauty blog: where to shop online for french skincare

Escentual is an online beauty store that stocks a huge range of brands, but it's especially well known for stocking French pharmacy brands. This is a catch-all way of talking about brands such as Bioderma, Avene, Nuxe, Darphin and La Roche Posay - amongst many others. I discovered Escentual  a little while after I began blogging and since then I've routinely used the site to order new treats as well as staple repurchases - particularly +LaRochePosayUKI's sun care products.

one little vice beauty blog: where to shop online for avene

One of the reason why Escentual is such a great shopping destination is that they regularly host generous discounts of up to 30% off really popular skincare brands. They're currently hosting just such an offer and you should definitely check that out - link here. In my experience, Escentual's service has always proven to be really reliable and pretty quick too. I've never had a package gone missing or anything like that, and the customer service is really fantastic.

one little vice beauty blog: where to shop online for bioderma

All this aside, one of the main reasons that I wanted to write today's blog post is to highlight the strengths of Escentual's digital team. I follow @Escentual on twitter and Periscope and they routinely share information and product recommendations that I've found incredibly useful. I've also found myself having pretty lengthy conversations about which exact product I should try if I want to tackle particular skin concers, and I'm always met with genuine enthusiasm and really helpful recommendations. So if you're looking to try some new skincare - especially from French pharmacy brands - then definitely give Escentual a browse and if in doubt tweet their online team. I owe them a big thanks for all their time and help! 

Have you shopped at +Escentual before?



  1. Yes, I was very impressed with their speedy delivery, free samples and overall service!

  2. I really like Escentual for stocking up on French Pharmacy skincare :) I want to try Avene next so will definitely check out their site for it! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  3. Great brands and products,thank you for sharing.
    Have a fab weekend!


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