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June 03, 2015

InSight Antioxidant Haircare Range

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InSight is an Italian natural haircare brand that's new to the UK. It offers a range of products that are all free from SLS, parabens, silicons, artificial colours and fragrances. The products are designed to safeguard the health of your hair through the inclusion of active ingredients that help to protect and nourish it. There are a variety of different ranges to choose between so that you can tailor your haircare routine to your exact hair concerns. I chose to try out InSight's Antioxidant Range which I thought would be perfect for someone like myself who lives in a busy and polluted capital city. 

one little vice beauty blog: natural, sls free, paraven free, made in italy haircare

Let's start by talking about the packing. When I first received these InSight products I was really impressed with the aesthetic of the bottles. I'm really into the science-chic appeal of brands such as Aesop and Grown Alchemist, and InSight offers that same type of packaging but at prices that you can actually afford to repeat purchase. Not only do I like the look of these bottles, but the pump containers are really handy and easy to use in the shower. One or two pumps of product is all I need to use each time I wash my hair, and thanks to the packaging I find that I don't waste any product. Plus, because they're made of plastic rather than glass, they won't break or chip if you drop them. All in all, I love their design and functionality. 

Insight's Antioxidant range contains ingredients that fight against the harmful effects of free radicals, as well as beta-carotene which protects hair from pollutants. The Shampoo is completely transparent and has a gel consistency that gives it a really fresh feel - and it has a very light scent to match. On contact with water the shampoo foams really nicely and it's very easy to rinse out of your hair. I find that even with regular (daily - don't judge me!) use it doesn't leave my hair or scalp feeling dry, probably thanks to it's rich vitamin E content. I'm normally really fussy with shampoos but I do like InSight's Antioxidant Shampoo as I love the way it leaves my hair looking. InSight's Antioxidant Conditioner is also partly responsible for the way my hair's been looking. It has a thin consitency that offers gentle hydration and has a light and fresh scent to match. It contains organic carrot extract, soy butter, jojoba oil and hazlenut oil which help to keep my hair happy and hydrated. However, if you like deeply nourishing conditioners then this isn't one for you - it's much better for regular hair-washers who want something suitable for daily use.

one little vice beauty blog: natural sls free italian haircare

Insight Antioxidant Rejuvenating Hair Mask* | rrp £6.00

If you're looking for a more intense dose of hydration then InSight's Hair Masks are the way to go. I found that the Antioxidant Rejuvenating Hair Mask left my hair deeply nourished and very soft. However, on one occasion I applied too much product and my hair was left looking lank and weighed down - so it's best to not use too much of the mask if you want to get the best results. I applied a pound coin sized amount to the lengths and ends of my hair and then brushed it through with my Wet Brush before tying my hair up and leaving the mask on my hair for between 10-20 minutes. Personally, I didn't like the hair mask as much as I liked the Antioxidant Shampoo and Conditioner, but it did work well as part of this three product routine. The mask gave me an extra dose of care that helped to combat the damaging effects of my heat styling. All in all, I think it's a good hair mask - especially for the price - but I'd recommend trying the shampoo and conditioner first.

Overall, InSight's haircare range has really impressed me. I think that the products are really good for the price and I'm also a particular fan of their packaging! The shampoo was probably my favourite product out of the three and I'd definitely repurchase, although I'd quite like to try InSight's other ranges or some of their styling products. Do you like the sound of InSight's products? And what do you think about the packaging?



  1. I will need to try this. Thank you. :)

  2. I don't really like the packaging, though I would try these out...


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