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June 25, 2015

Real Techniques Nic's Picks Brush Set

one little vice beauty blog: affordable makeup brushes from highstreet drugstore

I've wanted to pick up some more Real Techniques' Brushes for a long time now, so when I spotted the Nic's Picks Brush Set on offer in Superdrug I decided that now was the time! I'm sure many of you will know about Real Techniques' brushes but if you don't then you should know that they're some of the best quality affordable makeup brushes available on the the highstreet, at Boots and Superdrug. My brush collection mainly consists of Real Techniques' Brushes because they're affordable, great quality and very durable - I've had some of my brushes for over two years and they're still good to use. If you're looking to expand your brush collection and want affordable options then I'd definitely recommend Real Techniques, especially their brush sets which offer particularly good value for money. 

Real Techniques' Nic's Picks Brush Set contains five brushes and I'll give you the low-down on each one - the brushes listed below will represent the brushes I'll be talking about are featured in the photo below, working from left to right.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable brush set available in Superdrug and Boots

Duo Fibre Face Brush
"for lightweight application, blending face powder or pigments"

I don't use a lot of powder products but for the sake of this review I used this brush to apply some loose mattifying powder and some bronzer. I found that it applied a light, sheer coverage of product and the size was good for coverage large areas of your face quickly whilst still having a decent amount of control over where the product goes. I think it's a good brush to have in your collection.

Cheek Brush
"evenly applies makeup across cheekbones for a more dramatic finish"

This is quite a densely packed brush that picks up quite a lot of product, so it isn't necessarily going to be good for powder blushes - unless you really do like a dramatic finish, or you use quite sheer makeup that benefits from a heavier application. However, if you like to really blend out all of your makeup for a seamless looking finish (blending out the edges of your blush, highlighter and/ or contouring) then this is a good brush for doing that.

one little vice beauty blog: easy to use budget friendly makeup brushes

Angled Shadow Brush
"perfectly cut for layering eyeshadow in the crease"

I love angled shadow brushes - they're perfect for applying eyeshadows exactly where you want it along the crease of your eyelid. There are many days when I can't really be bothered to apply a whole eyeshadow look - the blending is just too much for me sometimes - but when you have an angled brush like this one you can just sweep a natural looking matte shadow shade into the crease of your eyelid. What you find is that this quick step can really transform the look of your eyes and it often gives the appearance that you've put a lot more effort into your makeup than you actually have. 

Base Shadow Brush
"applies a smooth flawless foundation of colour"

As far as I'm concerned you can't have enough of these sorts of brushes, especially if you're often slow to wash your brushes like I am. Having enough clean eyeshadow brushes means that when you apply a light eyeshdow it will actually apply how you want it to, and that purple-mauve shade you experimented with the day before won't end up on your eyelids instead! 

Eyeliner Brush
"firm angled head for optimal control along lash line"

Although these firm, angled brushes are great for applying eyeliner - both gel eyeliner and eyeshadows that you want to use as eyeliner - if they're small enough then they can also be used to apply your eyebrow powder. This one is definitely the right size to be used for both jobs, you just have to use a light hand on your eyebrows and apply the product in short, light strokes to slowly build up a natural looking finish. 

Have you tried Real Techniques' brushes? 
Do you have any favourite makeup brushes?



  1. I absolutely love RT brushes, and this set is really fab too! I use the eyeliner brush to fill in my brows, and duo fibre brush for setting powder everyday, they're my favourites from the bunch. Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  2. Got this set at Christmas and I absolutely love it! I use the eye brushes daily!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. I really need to invest in some make up brushes I tend to use my fingers... would love to be able to use a good set of brushes ... thank you for your tips and advice xxx

  4. Are They Still Available.....Will Surely Get Myself A Set....Loved The Review

  5. I've started using the cheek brush to apply foundation recently and it's lovely.


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