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January 05, 2013


On today's agenda is all the beautiful smelly stuff that I was very kindly gifted for Christmas. My feelings on all of it so far is that 2013 is definitely going to be a year of smelling good! Specifically though, because if I talked about everything I that smelt nice this post would go on for too long, I'm going to be showing you the three perfumes/eau de toilettes that are being adopted as my scents for this new year. 

Elie Saab: Le Parfum

I smelt a sample of Elie Saabs's Eau de Parfum in a magazine a couple of months ago and I really did fall in love with it. It smells sophisticated without feeling too old and it's scent is strong and lasts well without being overpowering. It's almost impossible to describe scents as I really do think they're quite a personal thing. Sitting here writing this I'm sniffing the scent with a sort of exasperated look of 'AH! It smells good but defies words' sort of facial expression. This is going to be my evening perfume, not because it isn't day appropriate but because for me wearing it makes me feel quite sexy, and limiting it to the evenings somehow makes it smell even more seductive to me (and hopefully to everyone around me, haha).  The bottle is also gorgeous, so if you're a sucker for pretty packaging don't give this one a miss.

Cacharel: Lou Lou

Lou Lou is a fragrance that I feel is quite under appreciated. I was introduced to Cacharel by my father who first bought me Anais Anais which in time led me to discover it's slightly more sophisticated sister perfume. Lou Lou has quite a strong, deep scent which again isn't overpowering but isn't too delicate or 'fresh' either. It's described as 'oriental floral' and with base notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Incense and top notes of Jasmine, Orange, Mimosa and Tiare Lily I can see why. Lou Lou really is the perfect blend of these scents, the top notes stop the base notes being too woody and heavy but the base notes keep the top notes from being too delicately floral. This is a perfume I have repurchased a few times and will continue to repurchase (it is especially useful to note that this perfume can often be bought really cheaply in offers- mine was bought for me by my best friend Tom for just £10 in Superdrug). This will probably be my  most worn 'day scent' as although the bottle isn't the prettiest it is very sturdy and I know it can survive the war-zone that is my handbag.

The Body Shop: Atlas Mountain Rose

As much as I love musky, woody scents I'm also a sucker for Rose or Jasmine fragrances. This Body Shop  Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette is just the most gorgeous, light, girly, fresh fragrance that is a lovely contrast to my other two. Especially on days when I'm not wearing much make-up or am just feeling a little bit more girly I do like to wear a lighter, more delicate scent. Atlas Mountain Rose lasts really well, especially for an Eau de Toilette, and I do like the bottle quite a bit. I don't think I'd pop this in my handbag as readily as the Cacharel perfume but at the same time it is still sturdy enough to survive my clumsiness. Definitely worth spritzing yourself with a little bit of this next time you're in a Body Shop store, those rose lovers out there might well like this although is is very distinctly just a rose scent and smells a little bit flatter than other more complex fragrances. I'm still a fan though!

So there you have it, those are my three new scents for 2013, although we'll have to see how long they last me!

What perfumes are you loving right now?




  1. I love the Elie Saab perfume. It was my most favourite scent throught 2012 and still my all time favourite. It smells beautiful!:)


  2. I love The Body Shop's Fragrances From Around The World especially the Madagascan Vanilla Flower scent! It's amazing xx

  3. The Body Shop fragrances are awesome :) I used to work for them so I had quite a lot stocked up, haha! x

  4. Ive had a sample of Elie Saab and it smells great!!♥
    The Misty Mom


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