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January 13, 2013

Lush Tutti Fruity Gift Set

natural gift set review

This is a lovely little gift set that I was very kindly gifted for Christmas (thanks Alex!) which has two gorgeous Lush products which I was really excited about as I hadn't tried either of them before- Miranda Soap and Happy Hippy Shower Gel. These products are both very fruity, Miranda being full of Kiwi and whilst Happy Hippy is gloriously grapefruit-y (a scent I really adore).

Both the products fit nicely in the box, they aren't crammed in or anything like that and there was a whole bunch of coloured foam pieces cushioning them (although a little sparsely perhaps if these were to be sent in the post anywhere).

The Miranda soap isn't the most glamorous looking product but is smells oh so lovely. It also lathers up really well under running water so is great for both washing your hands or in place of a shower gel. It's quite milky when it lathers and I tried seeing if it could be used instead of a shaving foam/oil but alas it isn't quite thick enough to do a good enough job. However, it's consistency does suggest that it won't be at all drying meaning that I would be happy using this regularly as my hand soap. I think this will be my summer alternative to Lush's Porridge Soap which is my autumn/winter soap favourite.

The second product is Happy Hippy which is a really thick shower gel. It isn't runny like I initially expected to be and it doesn't lather amazingly when used on the body (not badly but not amazingly) but when you use this in your hair it really really lathers up, I think maybe it would work well on an exfoliating mitt. I'll have to try that at some point. It is lovely and fresh smelling, just really light and fruity. I think I'll save this for the summer and take it travelling with me because as a multi-purpose product it is a great space saver.  I'd definitely recommend trying this when the weather gets warmer, it gets my full approval as both a shower and hair product.

So there you have it! Two gorgeous Lush products that I would definitely recommend to those who like light, fresh, fruity scents. These will be especially nice in the Summer when the weather gets warmer and showers become more about refreshment. I also think it is an excellent little gift, it certainly was nice for me to receive anyway! You can find the Tutti Fruity Gift Set in Lush stores or online for £7.95*.

Have you tried Happy Hippy? What's your favourite Lush shower product?




  1. This sounds so nice, it'd be good for someone without a bath x

  2. This sounds lovely, I love fresh fruity scents. Makes showering in the mornings so much easier! x

  3. You are right, that soap doesn't look appealing at all, haha! But, it sounds like it smells amazing, so I'm definitely picking one up on my next Lush trip. xx


  4. I haven't tried either of these, I think the soap looks and sounds delicious!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  5. Love the sound of them, though the shower gel looks kinda of unappealing visually...

    Lizzums x

  6. I will definitely have to have a sniff at that Miranda soap next time I stop at LUSH!

  7. Love Happy Hippy Shower Gel - one of my favs for using first thing in the mornings to wake me up :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  8. I love lush! Their lip scrubs are my favorite! :)
    <3, Mel

  9. Lush is my favourite place ever and these are two of the best smelling things they do! :)

  10. I love the Miranda soap. i would really recommend. It smells so good.


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