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January 10, 2013


Day 10
Hello everyone! If you didn't read my post on January 1st about my Challenge, basically what I'm doing is a 31 day challenge to see if I can go without wearing any base products for a month! I'm on Day 10 of my challenge and so far it has been going well. My only sadness is that (mainly due to stress and lack of sleep) my skin isn't looking its best, quite far from its best really. However, I haven't given in yet- I've been foundation, BB cream, powder etc free since December now. The photo above is of me with absolutely no make-up on (I definitely wasn't as happy about sharing that photo as the one from New Year's Day!) and the two below are of two of the ways I've done my make-up over the last 10 days.

All I'm wearing in the above photo is mascara, some Body Shop lipstick and I've filled in my eyebrows with my HD Brows Palette. I love wearing so little make-up during the day!

Again, all I'm wearing here is mascara, I've done my eyebrows with the HD Brows Palette and I'm wearing a mixture of my Kate Moss Lipstick 107 and Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lipstick in Bewitching Coral (the MaxFactor lipstick lightens the Kate Moss one to a shade I really like).

I have to admit that I'm looking a little tired in all three of these photos! But I do think that my the pores on my nose have shrunk over the last 10 days (probably from an improved skincare regime given that I know I can't hide anything with make-up) and in the first photo which is the most recent my cheeks look noticeably less red. To see what products I've been using daily click here to see my first post on this challenge. The only product I've added into my routine since then has been Laidbare's For Richer For Porer Pore Refining Facemask which I really love and mentioned in my Sunday Pampering post on Monday.

Overall it's going well! I'm loving my skincare routine and I'm loving focusing more on different lipsticks than worrying about primer, base, powder etc. We'll see how things go over the next week or so and I'll be doing another update post at the end of next week.

How are you New Year's Challenges / Resolutions going? 




  1. Seems to be going really well. We can be our harshest critics, your skin looks really good!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  2. You are looking radient! I can see a massive difference in your skin, really amazing!

    Lots of love

    Gemma Button


  3. I think you look blooming great! I love the mix of the lipsticks, they really brighten your complexion.

    Mine are going ok, I'm trying to walk more. I suffer from chronic pain so I really want to maintain the mobility I have or ideally improve it. G'luck with the rest of your challenge x

  4. You're doing so well! Well done! You're skin looks so amazing without make-up, you're really lucky. :)


  5. You look amazing, you don't need it! x

  6. You look fab! I have been trying to go foundation free to work as my skin is being naughty at the moment!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  7. Your skin looks good even without it! Most foundations are too dark so I hardly wear it anyways, but I've taken to tinted moisturiser and BB cream!

    Lizzums x

  8. Well done. You are so much braver than I am. Anyway your skin looks great, nothing to hide. :) xx

  9. Wow! You are so brave! You look so beautiful without foundation!


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