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April 05, 2015

Get Gorgeous Nails with Micro Cell's Nail Range

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: MicroCell german nail treatment and colour
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: MicroCell Cuticle Pen Review

Micro Cell is pretty new to the UK (they launched at the beginning of the year) but they're a very well established German brand. Micro Cell offer at home nail care and treatment products and I was really excited to try out a couple of products from their extensive range.

Micro Cell Nail Repair* | rrp £18.50

Micro Cell's Nail Repair looks like a clear nail polish when you apply it to your nails but it's actually a nail treatment designed to strengthen nails over two-three weeks. It does this by restoring protein levels in the corneal layer of your nails - and thus protecting your nails from flaking and tearing. You can wear Micro Cell's Nail Repair as a clear polish alone or underneath nail polish, and it's also available in a matte formula so that men (or women who don't want a noticeable shine to their nails) can also benefit from it's restorative properties. I've been using it for a few weeks now and my overall impression is that I like it, but that I haven't seen massive improvement. I definitely think it's a product that I'll have to keep using, but it's so easy and undetectable that I don't consider this a problem. 

Micro Cell Colour Repair (in Raspberry)* | rrp £14.95

If you like the idea of Micro Cell's Nail Repair but you prefer wearing colour on your nails, then you'll be happy to hear that they also make a colour nail treatment. It's advised that you use the clear Nail Repair formula to begin with but once your nails are in better condition you can graduate onto the coloured formula. I've tried out the shade Raspberry which is a really pretty and wearable dark-pink. I found that it didn't wear on my nails as long as I had hoped it would but I think the revolutionary concept of a nail colour and treatment in one bottle is enough to keep me using it. I think that if you're looking to reform unhappy nails then it would definitely be worth trying out Micro Cell's Nail Repair system - the original Nail Repair followed by coloured polishes once your nails are healthier. I think it's a great new range and I'm really happy that my nails are benefitting from it.

I think this might just be my favourite product out of the ones I was sent. I'm not generally "big" on manicures and pedicures - and more often than not I'm not wearing nail polish. However, I do like to do the little things that make me look neater and more professional that don't necessarily take up a lot of time - like nails oils and clear nail polish! Micro Cell's Cuticle Care Pen does a whole lot for the look of your nails in almost no time at all. It has a ergonomically designed, stiff-but-not-too-stuff applicator that allows you to gentle push your cuticles back whilst also delivering peach kernel, jojoba and rice oil onto the newly exposed area of your nail. This means that not only does it have an instant effect on the way your nail looks, but it also helps hydrate and care-for your nails. Like all of Micro Cell's range, it's designed with both short and long-term effects in mind - and this is something that I wish more brands would do.

Have you heard of Micro Cell before? What nail care products or brands do you normally use?


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