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April 27, 2015

Unusual Beauty Extras Worth Trying Out

one litlte vice beauty blog: new toothpaste, cleanser, facial oil and energy serum

One of the really exciting parts of being a beauty blogger is that I often have the opportunity to try new and interesting beauty products. Over the last couple of months I've been accumulating some unusual beauty finds and I thought that in today's post I'd share my thoughts on some of them. 

natural energy booster: one little vice beauty blog

A Natural Energy Booster

I'm going to start off by saying that I can't really tell you if this does or doesn't work. I've tried it and sometimes I'm like "YES!" and other times I just don't think it does anything... But in principle, I find the whole idea of these natural essences really interesting. The Energy Elixir contains essences of Crab Apple, Gentian, Hornbeam, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Walnut and Wild Rose, and you consume it by adding drops to water. I find it completely tasteless which makes it a pretty easy addition to my routine. The Energy Elixir is specifically designed for those who are "physically or mentally tired" helping you to "regain energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life". Like I said, sometimes I think that it really does make a difference - but I think that to an extent it's about your mindset, much like the "placebo" effect. 

Les Fleurs de Bach offer lots of different elixirs, helping with everything from sleeplessness to break-ups. They're all made using organic methods of product and the elixirs themselves were created by Dr. Bach, a Harley Street doctor who left his practice to explore more natural non-traditional methods of treating his patients. He identified plants that could be used to stabalize emotional imblances, and this began the slow evolution of natural elixirs bearing his name. Personally, I'm still sceptical as to the effectiveness of these elixirs, but at the same time I don't think that the entire idea is preposterous. If you have a specific health or well-being issue that you're looking into seeking help for then I wouldn't rule-out natural remedies, but I would certainly always recommend doing so in tandem with conventional medicine. But, for instance, if you're about to enter essay or exam season and you're keen to try anything that might make seemingly endless study sessions slightly more bearable then I don't see any harm in trying out a natural remedy such as Les Fleurs de Bach's Elixirs. I certainly wish I'd known about this sort of thing when I was writing my dissertation last year, I certainly could have used extra bursts of energy, even if they were sporadic!

one little vice beauty blog: fun unusual beauty products review

An unusual toothpaste

It's always nice to find ways to make everyday essential tasks a little bit more fun. Well, I've been using Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste for quite a while now and I thought it deserved a mention on my blog. I've never come across a black toothpaste before and I was genuinely excited to give it a try. It's colour comes from the inclusion of charcoal, but it still has a traditional minty taste that leaves teeth feeling lovely and clean. It's supposedly a whitening toothpaste but I can't say that I noticed any noticeable improvement in the appearance of my teeth. However, I would repurchase it and recommend it purely for the novelty factor!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: new facial oil to try next

A New Facial Oil

I'm always on the look-out for a good facial oil so, last month, when John Paul Selects offered to send me a bottle of their fair-trade and sustainable Pure Marula Facial Oil I very kindly accepted. Marula Oil is extracted from the nuts of the Marula tree and is packed full of fatty acids and antioxidants that make it great for use on the skin. Traditionally, Marula Oil has been used by Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique as a body moisturiser and as a massage oil for babies. I've been really impressed with my experience with Marula Oil so far. I've found that it's very different from Rosehip Oil (which has been a long standing favourite of mine), with a lighter and thinner texture and a much more pleasant scent, and it absorbs incredibly quickly into the skin with instant results. Because Marula Oil absorbs so quickly, leaving almost a matte finish on the skin, it makes it a great product to use in both the morning and evening,  it's easy to layer other moisturising products or primers over the top of it without overloading your skin. A little goes a very long way and, like other high-performing facial oils, although it's an expensive product it's an investment that will pay dividends for months and months. During my research into Marula Oil I've discovered that although I didn't know much about it before, John Paul Selects' Pure Marula Oil is an incredibly popular product in the US - with 4034 "loves" and 190 reviews on Sephora's webiste, 146 of which are 5 star reviews (link here). Additionally, although I can't personally comment on it's effectiveness, John Paul Selects Pure Marula Oil is very highly rated as an anti-ageing skincare product - offering to reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles, for softer smoother skin. Overall, I'm really impressed with my first experience of Marula Oil - and if you're interested in trying it for yourself then it's available online from John Paul Selects as well as from Holland and Barrett. 

one little vice beauty blog: effective bi phase cleanser

A Bi-phase Cleanser or Makeup Remover

A bi-phase cleanser is a product that consists of both an oil based and a water based liquid. They appear seperatated in their container until it is shaken, at which point the two merge into a mixture that you then use to cleanse your face or remove your makeup. Due to the oil content, biphase cleanser isn't as light as a micellar water but it can be a lot more effective at removing stubborn eye makeup. I really like Sephora's Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover as it's a fantastic affordable biphase cleanser - it's incredibly effective at removing makeup and it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. It basically speeds up makeup removal without compromising on being gentle - so bi-phase cleansers will be a great option for anyone with sensitive skin, especially around their eyes. Sephora's bi-phase makeup remover isn't easily available in the UK but I'd definitely recommend picking it up next time you're within reach of a Sephora. If you're interested in finding a bi-phase cleanser in the UK then I know that Nivea (£3.59) and Decleor (£21.00) have them in their range.

Have you tried any weird or wonderful new beauty bits recently?

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  1. i never tried all these products..

  2. That toothpaste is so cool! I recently ordered a Dark Angels face scrub from Lush which also has charcoal in it - companies are really starting to realize the potential it has for your health!

  3. I love the Sephora makeup remover! It's a dupe for the Lancome Bi-Facil makeup remover too! =D

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