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April 14, 2015

Before, During and After: A New Shower Routine

one little vice uk beauty blog: luxury shower routine

I had a pretty big shakeup this month and decided to try out a whole new shower routine - I do partly do this so that I can review products to share with you, but secretly I just love trying new things! I've got my first ever Clarins product making an appearance but I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if you hadn't heard of the other brands. I just hope you enjoy hearing how I got along with everything!

one little vice beauty blog: customisable haircare and cruelty free body wash

I recieved this shampoo at a Hot Hair event that I went to recently and love the concept behind it  - you pick your base and then add in two "serums" to customise the shampoo to your hair. You can add colour protection - for blondes, brunettes or redheads - or other serums with moisturising, straightening, volumising, curling or scalp soothing properties. I recieved my shampoo in a goodybag and it came with the volumising and moisturising serum shots, which you add to the ShampYou base yourself. I do think that my hair has been in better condition this month and that the Concoction ShamYou has been a better fit for my hair than my previous shampoo. Despite containing SLS, I've found that it does feel more hydrating and smoothing than I'd expected without ever leaving my hair feeling weighed down. Overall, I am pretty impressed although I do think that the price is a little bit steep and the packaging definitely doesn't look luxurious enough for the price point. However, if you're interested in customisable haircare that's full of essential oils and silk amino proteins (which deeply moisturise hair) then you might enjoy trying something new - I know I certainly have.

Lovea Guava Body Wash | rrp £3.35

I've wanted to try one of Lovea's body washes for a really long time. I always see them on MyPure and LoveLula and they seemed like fantastic affordable cruelty-free options. I recieved mine in a beauty box so I didn't choose the scent and sadly Guava just isn't my jam. However, I have really loved the consistency - it lathers beautifully and a little goes a long way meaning that these generous 400ml bottles will last for ages. I'd definitely repurchase it in a different scent.

luxury body exfoliation at home: one little vice uk beauty blog

I've had this body scrub in my collection for a while now and I thought it was about time I gave it a try. Initially, I was excited by the sound of the "oriental" scent it's alluring promise of velvety smooth skin. However, I really dont' like how it smells! It's a very heavy, musky scent that just doesn't really fit well with my typical early morning showers. Additionally, the scrub itself is formed of quite rough exfoliating particles in a slightly unsatisfyingly wishy-washy base. I find that when it's scrubby, it's too-scrubby and when it's not too-scrubby it just isn't scrubby enough - to me, it just never manages to reach a Goldilocks level of exfoliaiton. Whilst it isn't an entirely bad bodycare product by any means, and I've certainly tried worse body scrubs, it is an expensive product and I'd personally have been incredibly disappointed if I'd bought it with my own money. 

This is where Clarins' Body Scrub comes in - it is the complete opposite of the Yves Rocher scrub. You apply Clarins' Exfoliating Body Scrub onto dry skin and gently buff the incredibly fine exfoliating particles into your skin before washing it away in the shower. I like to use this on areas of my body that are typically sensitive or feature skin that is quite thin, such as my decollatage and breasts, as well as my upper arms which often react to rough scrubs. In short, it was an absolutely beautiful exfoliating scrub and reminded me of the moment when I discovered facial microdermabrasion. Exfoliation, whether it's on your face or your body, really doesn't ever have to be rough - there are products out there for every area of your body which will leave you baby soft without damaging or irritating your skin. I realised that Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub is probably the best body scrub that I've ever had the pleasure of trying and it's sort of revolutionised my conception of body exfoliation. I know it's expensive but it's a lovely, lovely product and I'm all for investing in your skin - and your body is no exception.

one little vice uk beauty blog: mio firming bodycare from john lewis

I hadn't heard of Mio before recieving these two bodycare samples but I have to say that this brand has completely blindsided me. I had no real expectations - partly due to the fact that I initially found the packaging really unimpressive - but once I started using both products I soon realised that they're incredible moisturisers. I've never really bought into "firming" bodycare but Mio's Firming Active Body Oil and Firming Active Body Butter make a noticeable difference to the way my skin feels and I really do believe that they'd do wonders for the look of my skin in the long-term. The Firming Active Body Oil absorbed so quickly that I found myself looking forward to applying it - there was absolutely no time wasted and my skin felt wonderfully hydrated for days after use. Occasionally, I would follow up with the Firming Active Body Butter and my skin couldn't have been softer. Together they're incredible, especially for very dry skin. However, if you don't have dry skin then the Firming Active Body Butter might not completely absorb, leaving you feeling a tad greasy. You only really need to use one at a time for incredible results. Despite normally preferring body oils to butters, I do prefer the body butter as the results were better and more long lasting. These are another expensive discovery, but they'd be absolutely fabulous for anyone embarking on a weightloss (or weightgain) journey who's keen to keep their skin hydrated and firm, or equally for those with dry or mature skin. 

What products are part of your shower routine?



  1. All these products sound so amazing, I agree that mixing things up in your shower regime is always a fun thing!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  2. Lovely products. It's a fun thing to alternate what you use in your shower as it's not usually that expensive :) I love Lush products at the moment, so much I realise I only have this brand in my shower! :)

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock - MAKEUP REVOLUTION GIVEAWAY

  3. Creating your beauty regimen,Me too..Sometimes i mixed other brands and i find it good.


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