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May 01, 2015

Murad's New Treatment Room at John Lewis Kingston

one little vice beauty blog: new murad treatment room kingston john lewis
one little vice beauty blog: new murad treatment room launch kingston john lewis
one little vice beauty blog: murad launch treatment room kingston john lewis

Last Monday I headed over to John Lewis' Kingston branch to see the newly launched Murad Treatment Room. Murad are a brand that I've become more and more invested in this year after I visited their Kingston counter in January for a mini-facial. I wrote about my experience with Murad's on-counter (which just means that they occur at the counter in the department store, rather than in a seperate room) facial treatments on my blog (link here). Although it was a very positive experience, I was really happy to hear that Murad were launching their own private treatment room in John Lewis' Kingston branch, so that facials and other treatments could occur in a more relaxing environment.

The photos featured above are all of the Murad counter in John Lewis' Kingston branch. You can see the general area that the counter takes up and that two facial consultations can occur at once, but that there's only really space for one facial treatment. The on-counter treatments tend to only be mini-treatments that last roughly 30 minutes. However, now that Murad have their own dedicated and private treatment space they can offer 60 minute facials - along with more holistic treatments such as relaxing massages.

The treatment room is tucked away just around the corner from the rest of the beauty department and outside the treatment space there's a big, comfy armchair for waiting visitors to relax in - as modelled by Ellie from Kingston First. Opposite this prive waiting area is the treatment room itself.

one little vice beauty blog: murad treatment room launch
Murad treatment room launch: one little vice beauty blog

Murad's new Treatment Room is an intimate space that completely transports visitors away from the hustle of a department store and into a relaxing spa-like environment. It's a perfect way to privately indulge in expert skincare treatments from Murad's knowledgeable and friendly in-house team. All of the Murad representatives that I've met have been incredibly helpful and kind, and they're exactly the sort of people that you'd want looking after you in both a retail and treatment setting. 

In the next month or so, Murad are also set to release new gift vouchers which will enable Murad customers to purchase products or treatments for not only themselves but also for their loved ones. I think that they'll be a fantastic gift option for those people in your life who already seems to have everything. If you'd like to make use of this treatment room then just pop by the Murad counter in Kingston's John Lewis and have a chat to one of the brand's assistants.


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