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May 02, 2015

Hot Hair Fairy Wrap in Butterscotch

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April was a particularly busy month for me beauty-wise so this blog post is a little bit late in the making! I recently attended a blog event put on by Hot Hair, a company that specialise in hair extensions and hair pieces. Hot Hair launched fifteen years ago in Selfridges London and they're now sold in Selfridges Birmingham and Manchester (which really speaks to the quality of their products), and they're also available online and in their own boutique salons across the country.

At Hot Hair's London event I was introduced to the brand and I had the opportunity to see their hair pieces in person - as well as being able to try them out for myself! I witnessed a host of bloggers having their hair completely transformed by the simple addition of wigs and hair pieces. I tried on a full wig - my first one ever - but I just couldn't get over how weird it was to see myself with radically different hair! I much preferred experimenting with smaller hair pieces which didn't radically alter the way I look. But in both instances I was surprised at how easy it was to use the artifical hair pieces - and by how high quality and natural-looking everything was.

false wrap around hair piece: one little vice beauty blog

In all of the pictures in this blog post I'm wearing one of Hot Hair's hair pieces called a Fairy Wrap* - a loop of artifical hair which you can clip around a bun or ponytail to quickly and easily add volume and drama to a hairstyle. My Fair Wrap is in the shade Butterscotch, and it has both brown and blonde shades in a mixture of tones that render it very natural looking. 

I find the Fairy Wrap incredibly easy to use - I created a small, tight bun and then I just use some hair clips (about four or five) to secure the hair piece in place. Instantly, my hair is transformed from looking sad and rather un-done into looking much more elegant and stylish. It would be perfect for use on a busy morning, after a long day at work or even after a gym session when you just don't have the time to style your hair but still need to look polished.

There are quite a few shades to pick between - from very light blonde to dark brown, and everything in between. I was matched with the shade Butterscotch which in natural light definitely looks like a good match. Under some lights the shade can look a little stark and quite unlike my natural hair colour, however, although Butterscotch is quite blonde and I have brown hair, I find that it highlights the natural blonde tones amidst my brown hair and also offers a sort of dip-dyed look that I quite like. 

one little vice beauty blog: affordable high quality false hair piece

Hot Hair's Fairy Wraps are priced at £14.00*, which given the quality of the hair piece seems very reasonable. It's nice to have such a versatile product to rely on in those moments when I'm running short on time or just can't be bothered with my hair! Hot Hair make many other types of hair pieces - including long faux-ponytails which I like the look of - as well as a whole range of full and half-head wigs.

Have you ever tried clip in hair pieces? Or even full wigs?



  1. That really suits you and I love the colour name (mmm Butterscotch!)


  2. i've never tried in clip on hair pieces since i already have long hair, but i would love to try them!

  3. Love your hairstyle!
    You look really preatty!


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