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May 04, 2015

A Much Needed Beauty Pamper

one little vice beauty blog: luxury beauty products from Caudalie, Nourish, Organic Surge, Bee Good and Botanicals

I've had a seriously relaxing bank holiday weekend and it's left me feeling incredibly refreshed - and also really motivated to make the most of the week ahead. One thing that I really enjoyed about this weekend is that I took the time to really look after myself, and I mean this in so many different ways. One of them was by indulging in some old, and some new, beauty favourites, reaching for a few seriously luxe skin treats as well as continuing the mission to nourish my ever-parched hands. If you're looking to try some new beauty products then I can seriously recommend everything mentioned in this blog post. Read on to discover why exactly these are the beauty bits that I think are worth investing in.

one little vice beauty blog: natural and organic chemical exfoliating cleanser

I've only been using this cleanser for approximately a week - so this isn't a "proper" review - but it was, absolutely and completely, love at first application. The cleanser is entirely cruelty free, 81% certified organic and contains pomegranate enzymes that gently exfoliate your skin to leave it looking smoother and healthier, whilst kale extracts help to increase the suppleness of your skin. I often find that chemical exfoliating cleansers or masks can be a bit harsh on my skin but Nourish have struck the perfect balance. Although it's called a cleanser the product can actually be applied in three different ways - as a cleanser, an exfoliating mask or a revitalizing weekly facial. If you use it as a cleanser then you apply the product onto wet skin, whereas if you want to use it as a mask or facial then you apply it onto dry skin and leave it on for longer. I find that this makes the cleanser much more suitable for a range of skin-types, and it allows me to tailor my use of the product to my exact needs. This is all wonderful, but the best part is the fact that it gives instant results. Honestly, my skin hasn't been this smooth and glow-y in so, so long and I really do think that this cleanser is the reason why. I reached for this at the very beginning of my pamper routine to get rid of all my dead skin and to set the scene so my other skincare products can really get to work. 

one little vice beauty blog: natural creamy clay based mask for combination blemish prone skin

Caudalie Purifying Mask* | rrp £22.00

 Caudalie's Purifying Mask is another relatively new addition to my skincare arsenal, and it's another winner. I've become so used to cleansing masks being very heavily clay based, difficult to remove and harsh on the skin, but Caudalie's Purifying Mask is a whole different ball game. Although it contains  white clays (bentonin and kaolin) it's a very smooth and creamy mask with a 94% natural formula that works to balance the skin - clarifying and deeply cleansing without drying it out. I find that it's so much more gentle than my other masks, and it's really easy to remove too, so I've been reaching for it over pretty much every other mask I own. Another reason why I like reaching for it is because it's specifically designed for blemish prone skin and it's definitely made a difference to my complexion. It's been a great introduction to Caudalie's skincare range and I just know that I'll be reaching for this mask a lot from now on.

one little vice beauty blog: luxury natural argan facial oil

Organic Surge consistently impress me - and this facial oil is no exception. It's cruelty free, certified natural and organic (55% of the ingredients come from organic farming) and it's made up of a mixture of argan oil, yarrow oil and essential oils. Together, they form a really luxurious facial oil that's very hydrating but also has a very light consistency that absorbs incredibly quickly into the skin. Organic Surge's Replenishing Facial Oil is designed for dry or mature skin, but I think that it would suit many skin types as you can easily adjust how much oil you apply each time - either applying it straight onto your skin (which is what I prefer) or mixing it with your moisturiser. I particularly like applying this facial oil after I've used face masks as I find that it instantly works to restore and hydrate my skin, leaving it looking really fresh and supple.

one little vice beauty blog: natural and organic hand cream and body scrub review

When it comes to looking after my hands I really do swear by exfoliation. If you struggle with dry skin then exfoliating before you apply your mosituriser can make a wolrd of difference! I've tried my fair share of exfoliaters and although I've only tried a sample size of Botanicals' Lemongrass and Ginger Body Polish it's finally replaced & Other Stories' Body Scrubs as my new favourite body exfoliater. The body polish has a gorgeous consistency, and it certainly doesn't hurt that it's also 100% natural and 82% organic It's essentially a very high quality sugar scrub made up of raw cane sugar, shea butter, lemongrass (for toning), mandarin (for balancing) and ginger (for detoxifying) essential oils. You mix a small amount of the scrub with warm water before using it to exfoliate your skin. A little goes a very long way and you can alter the ratio of water to body polish to create your perfect level of exfoliation. Although this works really well on the body, I've particulalry enjoyed using it to gently exfoliate my hands before applying my moisturiser. I find that this helps my mosituriser really get to work which gives me longer lasting results. I'd absolutely, without any question, like to purchase the full-size body polish now that I've had the chance to try this sample size out for myself. It's been a superb introduction to the brand and I'm now really keen to try out more of their extensive beauty range.

I've heard a lot of good things about Bee Good's British bodycare but this hand cream was my first foray into their range. Packed full of beeswax, honey, crambe oil and borage oil, this hand cream is quite nourishing whilst still being very easily absorbed into the skin. It has a light floral scent (reminiscent of lily of the valley) with just an undertone of honey, and all-in-all I'm rather enamoured with it! The cream itself doesn't have the thickest or richest consistency - especially for incredibly dry hands - but I love the formula. It absorbs so quickly and leaves behind a very pleasant matte coating on your hands that I'm convinced keeps them feeling softer for longer. I think that it would be a great product to use on-the-go, but you'll still find me using this at home as I just can't get enough. 

one little vice beauty blog: spring nail polish from essie and orly

While I was getting my hands looking their best I thought I would do a quick switch-a-roo on the nail polish front. I opted for one of my new Essie polishes in the shade Geranium, a simply gorgeous orange toned red. It took two to three coats to get an even opaque finish and then I topped it off with a  coat of Orly's Nail Lacquer in the shade Clear which has a wonderfully glossy finish. It's not a typical spring nail polish shade but it's a very pretty shade that's bright enough to make a statement but still easy to wear. 

one little vice beauty blog: luxury candles home fragrance

If you're anything like me then when you go to have a bit of a pamper you'll love to set the mood. I like to do that with a good playlist and an even better candle. La Montaña recently sent me one of their candles in the fragrance 'First Light' which has a gorgeous floral/herbal scent that does as good a job as it possibly could to mentally transport you away from home and out into a hillside meadow. I think that the aroma of this candle is incredibly well balanced and sophisticated, and the scent is strong even when the candle isn't lit. Personally, I love that it has a strong aroma as it means that even when the candle isn't lit it can help scent a room, and when it is lit the aroma can quickly fill up the entire room. If you're tired of scented candles that smell fake, or that don't actually fragrance your home, then you'd really appreciate the quality of this candle. Plus, because these candles are made with high quality wax they supposedly offer a forty hour burn time - which is enough to fragrance your home for many, many happy days. This is my first time trying La Montaña's candles but it's been such a positive experience and I now associate them with very high quality fragrances. They're the perfect backdrop for some quality me-time.

All in all, this line-up of beauty products worked perfectly to give me the perfect mix of pampering and relaxation that I wanted from a chilled bank holiday night-in. Have you indulged in a bit of a beauty pamper this weekend? What products or brands do you usually reach for when you want to spoil yourself?



  1. I'm very curious about the Caudalie Purifying Mask... :) My skin would love it, I bet...

  2. These sound amazing! I really need to try the Caudalie masks, they're an amazing capsule collection.

    Lyon Notes

  3. I like all the products here.. except for Caudalie, it made my skin dry! :-/

  4. Lovely selection! The only products I haven't tried are the La montana candle and the caudalie mask, as a candle obsessive they are calling my name Xx

    1. Hi Ana - you won't be disappointed, we promise! But if you can't decide which fragrance to go for first, just pop onto our website and ask for our free fragrance samples.

  5. Love all the products that you've chosen here, sounds like the most perfect pamper! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. Thanks so much for the lovely review - First Light was the initial inspiration for the whole brand, so it's very close to our hearts.

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely review - First Light was the initial inspiration for the whole brand, so it's very dear to our hearts.

  8. Very nice review,I am interesting in getting the Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil!

  9. I love Clarifying face masks, I really need to check that one out :) lovely picks x

  10. Ohh, red nail polish is definitely a must for a luxury beauty pamper :) Great post xxx

  11. Lovely picks! The Botanicals scrub and Bee Good sound perfect for a pamper xx

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