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May 21, 2015

Everyday Essentials from RMS Beauty

one little vice beauty blog: natural cream highlighter and bronzer

one little vice beauty blog: natural cream highlighter and bronzer

I've been using these two products from RMS Beauty - their Living Luminizer and Buriti Bronzer - for roughly six months and they've become essentials in my everyday makeup routine. I absolutely love cream products, and RMS Beauty's cream products are really high quality, offering such a beautiful finish on the skin that they're made a lot of my other beauty products redundant! 

The first time I heard about the Living Luminizer was on natural beauty blogs where the overall consensus seemed to be that I needed to try it. Since then, I've spotted it in EssieButton's YouTube vidoes which hopefully means that the product will be getting even more attention! Unlike other cream highlighters - like Topshop's Glow or Benefit's Highbeam - the Living Luminizer has quite a hard consistency. It's made up of skin loving ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil and at room temperature the product is solid. As you run your finger across the surface of the Living Luminizer a light amount of product transfers onto your finger, just enough to easily apply to the high points of your face. Although the Living Luminizer has a very light, almost sheer, consistency it offers an incredible lit-from-within glow that's particularly beautiful in sunlight. I really like using it on an everyday basis because you can apply and blend the product with your fingers (which makes it quick and easy to use) and although it's definitely noticeable it's quite hard to over-do it so you won't ever look too shiny! I do occasionally alternate using this with Benefit's Highbeam - which I reach for when I want a more noticeable highlight - but this is my most reached for highlighter and it's become a firm favourite very quickly.

RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer was more of an instant hit with me - which merited it's own blog post with swatches (link here). I initially hoped that ti would work as a contouring product, but it's definitely too warm to work on my skin tone as anything other than a bronzer. However, it really is the most beautiful bronzer that I could have hoped for! It's creamier in consistency than the Living Luminizer which means that you can transfer more product and colour onto your skin in one go, but it still benefits from a light consistency that makes it hard over-apply the product and effortlessly easy to blend it out into a natural looking finish. I like to apply the Buriti Bronzer across my temples and just beneath my cheekbones, blending the product upwards into more of a face-sculpting bronze glow. I find that both of RMS Beauty's products last well on my skin given that they're essentially just a combination of loads of wonderful oils and butters, and if you add a light dusting of powder you can prolong their wear time a bit further. As with the Living Luminzer, I'm incredibly happy with the Buriti Bronzer and would repurchase it in a heartbeat. I've actually worked my way through a lot of the product and I'm hoping to "hit pan" on in soon - quite an achievement when you have as much makeup as I do, and it would really demonstrate how much I like using the product. 

RMS Beauty suggest that both of these products have a six month shelf life. I've been using them both daily for six months and haven't come too close to finishing them yet. I'm going to keep on using them until I think it's too unhygienic but I'm definitely hoping to get a few more months out of these as I'd like to use them through the summer before repurchasing them again. If you haven't already tried any of RMS Beauty's makeup then I really would highly recommend giving something a try. I've heard really good things about their Lip 2 Cheeks (multi-purpose cream products) as well as their Lip Shines (tinted lip colours), and I've got one of each on my wishlist! 

Have you tried anything from RMS Beauty before? 
What highlighters or bronzers do you like using?



  1. I haven't tried any of their products - I want to try their uncover up concealer x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I'd love to try both of these. Just stocked up on my RMS un cover up and bought Lip2Cheek in Smile from Content, it's such a pretty colour! Can also recommend Sacred Lip Shine!


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