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May 28, 2015

Brunch at Busaba Eathai in Shoreditch

one little vice lifestyle blog: Where to go for brunch in London Shoreditch

Busaba Eathai is undoubtedly one of my favourite restaurant chains in London as they offer high quality - and extremely tasty - thai food at very reasonable prices. Recently, Busaba Eathai decided to extend their dining options and embrace London's brunchers by launching a new brunch menu at the restaurants in Shoreditch and Kingston. After a very enjoyable visit to Busaba Eathai's Kingston Riverside Restaurant I was invited to experience their other brunch destination over on the opposite side of London in Shoreditch.

one little vice lifestyle blog: visiting Busaba Eathai Shoreditch Brunch
one little vice lifestyle blog: visiting Busaba Eathai Brunch Menu Review
one little vice lifestyle blog: Busaba Eathai Brunch Menu Review

In terms of the venue itself, Busaba Eathai's Shoreditch Restaurant is no less impressive than at the Kingston Riverside. The Shoreditch restaurant has the same moody atmosphere as the other Busaba restaurants that I've visited, but with the benefit of more space allowing for grander design features. I found it's indoor-outdoor seating really comfortable, and the screen of live greenery added to the impression of eating outdoors when actually we were sheltered inside from the rain! I also loved the grand entrance foyer with it's simple water feature, and the restaurant's open plan interior added a dash of intrigue and spectacle to ascending to the private dining room and upstairs facilities. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: Busaba Eathai Brunch Menu Drinks
one little vice lifestyle blog: visiting Busaba Eathai Shoreditch Brunch

I visited the Shoreditch's Busaba Eathai with my friend Brett on a particularly wet Saturday morning. He was struggling through a hangover so fluids were first on our agenda! We both opted for one of Busaba's soft drinks called the Guava Collins (£3.30) - made up of guava, lime, coconut and lime leaf. It was incredibly refreshing with a sophisticated fruit flavour. Meanwhile, Brett also decided to indulge in a Busaba Bloody Mary (£8.00), which he described as being strong on celery and spicy - but not overpoweringly so. When it came to order our food we both opted for Busaba Eathai's new unlimited prosecco option (£25.00 per person) which offers you the choice of a "light bite", "brunch plate" and two hours worth of Prosecco top-ups. The staff were very attentive in refilling our glasses so they were never dry for too long! If you're a fan of a boozy brunch then I'd certainly recommend this option.

one little vice lifestyle blog: Busaba Eathai Shoreditch Brunch menu Review
one little vice lifestyle blog: visiting Busaha Eathai Shoreditch for Brunch
one little vice lifestyle blog: visiting busaba eathai shoreditch for brunch

Busaba Eathai's brunch menu is divided into "light bights", "brunch plates" and "sides". Brett and I ordered two light bights and brunch plates between us, he opted for the more traditional brunch plates (although they all have a Thai twist) and I opted for more decidedly Thai dishes. Brett really sung the praises of his Chilli Soy Scrambled Eggs (£5.00) before putting the Chargrilled Toast with Asian Jam (£2.50) to the test. The jams all had complex and interesting flavours; there was spicy blackcurrant, sweet and thick mango and very interesting spiced jam. The dishes I chose were the  Por-pia Jay Vegetable Spring Rolls (£4.50) which were well cooked, and the dipping sauce was delicious. I also tried the Thai Hash (£5.90) which was without a doubt the star of the show for me! The Thai Hash is comprised of a thin, but considerably sized, potato Hash with spring onion, galangal and red chilli, topped with two perfectly cooked Thai-style fried eggs. The flavourings were just wonderful, tasty but not too spicy, and the eggs had a soft-boiled centre that once broken added another texture to the dish. 

All in all, we were both really impressed with Busaba Eathai's brunch menu - and the food exceeded even my high expectations. There isn't a doubt in my mind when I say that I'd return for another brunch at Busaba Eathai in the future; I think the pricing is just right, the quality of the venue and food is great and the staff were nothing but helpful and attentive. It was a very happy visit and I really hope that the brunch menu (check it out for yourself here) is extended to more of Busaba Eathai's restaurants!

This is not a sponsored post but I was invited to enjoy a complimentary brunch by Busaba Eathai.


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