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September 23, 2012

REVIEW: Lush Sultana of Soap

Lush Sultana of Soap Sample*

I popped into Lush recently to give all of their products a good sniff, because I for one love that overwhelmingly stinky Lush store smell, and one of the lovely shop assistants gave me a couple of soap samples to take home with me. So far I've only had the chance to give Sultana of Soap a good try and I'm surprised at how much more I like it than I thought I would.

I've never really gotten into solid soaps but I have to say that if there was a shop that could convert me, it would be Lush.

Dry Soap
Wet Soap

Sultana of Soap has a very gentle fragrance and is supposedly one of the more moisturising of Lush's soaps. These were the soap's two selling points for me as I was looking for a new hand soap and I didn't want it to dry my hands out or overwhelm me on a frequent basis with a strong scent. As you can see in the photos above when wet this soap doesn't foam up too much but I found it adequate for washing my hands (it wouldn't be enough for me if I was looking for something to use in the shower though). 

The soap sample I got was quite small compared to the 100g slabs that cost around the £3 mark but nevertheless my sample lasted just over a week with frequent use, so goodness knows how long a whole 100g would last! 

I'm going to try out my other sample before committing to a full size slab but so far I'm really impressed by the quality and value of Lush's soaps and I can see these replacing my usual liquid hand soap.

Do you have a favourite Lush product?




  1. I've never tried a Lush soap but this sounds lovely, and I love sultanas aha! Plus you can always feel good about using a cruelty free product :) Oh, you should definitely treat yourself to Gaga's perfume, I wear it 24/7! xx

    1. Yeah, the whole ethos of Lush really takes away any guilt I feel when I make an unplanned purchase. I'm thinking of using my boots points to buy it, then it'll feel like an early Christmas present :) x

  2. My fav Lush product is their dry conditioner that you lather up like a soap in the shower. It smells SO good!

    1. I've got my eye on a henna shampoo that they sell online :) x

  3. I don't usually get soaps from Lush, but was given a sample when I nipped into the Leeds store a few week back and really liked it.

    1. The Leeds store are really nice about giving out samples! I was hesitant to buy one which is why I asked for a couple of samples but I'm already eyeing up a big chunk of the Porridge soap :)


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