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September 29, 2012

REVIEW: Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep

I recently picked up Elle magazine at my University's Fresher's fair and in the Beauty section there was an article highlighting how many of us, even those who take thorough care of our skin or hair, neglect our teeth. I for one always thought I was doing enough to take care of my teeth but it really highlighted that I could do more. So when I was emailed last week and asked if I would like to test out Pearl Drops' new overnight teeth whitening product I jumped at the chance to give my teeth some pampering.

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep contains patented Liquid Calcium technology which helps replenish and strengthen tooth enamel as well as Vitamin E which nourishes the gums and helps preserve their healthy appearance. All you have to do is apply it to your teeth and gums with your finger right before you go to sleep, that way it has all night to get to work whitening your teeth. It tastes very minty, but it isn't that overwhelming minty flavour that some mouth washes have (I find those too strong). It tastes a lot like a toothpaste but its transparent and has the consistency of a gel. As for the packaging, I really like the look of this product, the white tube is a lot more sleek than other tooth whitening products I've come across. 

But the best news of all is that it works! I applied this product right before I went to bed leaving it on all night (and I did this for 4 nights) and four days later I have visibly whiter, brighter teeth. I have to say, I am seriously impressed that the effects are visible so quickly (its subtle and gradual but still noticeable). Plus, as the product is supposed to have a full month's worth of applications in it I can imagine that the gradual whitening would build up into a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your teeth (I'll keep on using it keep you updated!).

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep costs just £3.49* and can be found in Boots, Superdrug and Asda stores.

Have you tried any of the Pearl Drops tooth whitening line?



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