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September 20, 2012

FREEBIES: What's In My Handbag

This post is exceedingly late in the making, but I really do think better late than never! About 6 weeks ago I was greeted with a special little gift from the website What's In My Handbag. I signed up to 'try' the Yves Saint Laurent mascara (why not, eh!) pictured above and a couple of weeks later, completely out of the blue, I recieved a little black box in the post that had the above sample in it.

If I'm honest I didn't love the mascara (it was okay but I usually wear waterproof mascaras and I could really tell that this wasn't waterproof when I wore it), the point of this post is more to point you in the direction of What's In My Handbag if you haven't already stumbled upon it. I love getting inside peeks into the handbags of people in the beauty and fashion industry, I always end up on this website when I feel like procrastinating (plus there's always the allure of potential freebies).

So if you find yourself with a spare moment, and if you're having a little bit of a handbag-voyeur moment, then do give their website a look!




  1. I didn't get that 'try' but have had around 3 from WIMH. I can't beleive they teamed up with YSL!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. 3 is pretty good going! I only got the one. I was surprised too and really happy that it was the one I got, it was a shame that I didn't like the product. What trys did you get sent? x

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