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September 16, 2012


(you can tell its gotten a lot of love from the state of the packaging!)

Until I used this BB cream I just didn’t think that BB creams were for me. I’d tried a number of other brands and they’d all been too dark, too thick or greasy and just hadn’t given me the coverage I was looking for. But in the midst of summer I decided that I wanted and needed an alternative to foundation (which I just don’t enjoy wearing when the sun comes out in all of its glory) as I’m not one of those girls who feels comfortable going bare faced on a daily basis. Driven by my urge to find some middle ground I picked this up on a whim from a train station Boots store and on that one particular occasion I feel as though I struck gold.

Since buying this cream it has been a firm staple in my make-up bag, I’ve actually used it nearly everyday for the last month (even when I went on holiday last week). This BB cream feels a bit weird when you first apply it as it is very white initially and full of tiny beads and only when applied to the skin do they release their colour.

The white section is what the cream looks like when first applied, the skin above it has had BB cream blended in. It looks a little dark for my hand but I'm quite tanned (for me) at the moment and the colour it gives is perfect for my face.

The colour that the Light BB cream leaves me with is perfect for my lightly tanned post-summer skin tone and the cream sinks into the skin quickly and evenly. The coverage it gives is light but not so light as to not even out my pigmented cheeks and to smooth over light blemishes and dark under-eye circles. Its perfect for lazy days (which I’ve been having a lot of lately) where you can’t be bothered to apply a full face of foundation and also for days when you don’t feel you need anything more than light coverage.

This cream served me well in the hot climate of Athens as well as in sunny (but not overly hot) London and I’m pretty sure that now I’m back in the cooler North of England for University that I will still get a lot of use out of it. Selling for only £.9.99 in Boots I think it is not only affordable but a bargain and I’m definitely going to pick up another tube soon. I urge you to try it out as you never know if it might just end up being one of your most-reached-for products!

Available online here.

Do you have a BB cream that you love?



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  1. I have Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector, and until trying this BB cream, I thought it was awesome. Now I have a new fav.


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