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March 26, 2014

A New Base: Bourjois CC Cream in Ivory

Pictured above is my face clothed in just Bourjois' CC Cream - I want you to get a sense of its colour and coverage before I dive into a full review. My first impressions of this were pretty good. It swatches very pale (especially compared to some of Bourjois' other foundations) and it has a powdery texture that I thought might make it work well on my combination skin...

You can see that Bourjois' CC Cream doesn't cover all the redness in my cheeks or wash over some of my larger open pores (especially on my nose). However, it does offer pretty good coverage for something that feels so like as you apply it. I like to apply it with my fingers until it looks pretty natural and then do a once over with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to give a really natural and perfected finish. The result looks really good initially - the CC Cream is really easy to work with and it blends well and offers a good colour match on me (if anything it might be a tad too light, which is unusual to find). It offers a really naturally glowing finish and although I've pointed out that it is on the lighter end of the coverage spectrum it does do a great job of improving the appearance of my dark under-eye circles and my rosy cheeks.

My finished make-up look featuring Bourjois' CC Cream in Ivory

However, what I find is that after I've worn this all day - I'd typically have my foundation on for ten to twelve hours - it really does disappear more quickly than is normal on my skin but it does so evenly and naturally, it doesn't leave my skin looking patchy. I also find that the formula really doesn't do much to control my oily t-zone (even when I've added in a primer to see if it makes a difference). After only a couple of hours I can feel that my skin is really oily and although this is normal for me, I felt as though it happened faster than normal when I was using Bourjois' CC Cream and what was also unusual is that I could really feel the oiliness. It's such a shame, I love the finish and the formula but unless I powder very regularly throughout the day I find it doesn't give me the longevity I'd usually look for in a base product. I'll definitely still reach for it but I'll be sure to have a powder in my handbag and I'll have to use it! Don't be put off entirely, just don't be fooled by the CC Cream's powdery finish - it won't help your oily skin. What it will do is make your skin look more even and the lightest shade Ivory is a great colour choice for those with very fair skin. You can find Bourjois' CC Creams online here for £9.99.

Have you tried Bourjois' CC Cream? What light-medium foundations do you like?



  1. I need to take the plunge and get my hands on this beautiful product asap!!
    I'm really pale so I have a feeling this will be the perfect shade for me too.
    Lovely review! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  2. I know that many people love bourjois bases, but I just don't get along with them! they also are way to dark for me.

    if your looking for a good cc cream, I love gosh cc cream

    Catherine x

  3. Great review. My sister is getting me some makeup for my birthday, including this, so I'll be sure to have some powder on hand! xx


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