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March 13, 2014

Fake It with Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

Today I'm going to be talking about something a little different from usual! If you didn't already know, I'm seriously pale - luminously so. When it comes to "tanning" products I'm usually very cautious and opt for subtle, gradual tanners (like this one). However, I know a lot of people out there who are much more comfortable with jumping in at the deep end and going for a rich glowing faux tan. One area of concern when it comes to tanning can be the face. A lot of my friends who use fake tan don't tan their face and just use a darker foundation. However, doing that means that you can pretty much never go make-up free anywhere - which just wouldn't work for me. Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Glow Pads* are a great solution. 

The Glow Pads* come in individually wrapped sachets which means you can use them as and when you want them. They offer a deep, even tan (they're not a product for the faint hearted) that lasts about a week. However, the real selling point of these Glow Pads* is that they offer an incredible chemical exfoliation as you apply the tan. My skin has never felt as smooth as it did after I used these Glow Pads*! I think it also helped the colour apply very evenly because I had no problem with the colour being patchy or fading unevenly. If you're going to mess around with fake tan then I'd always recommend going for a higher end product that won't leave you looking orange. For deep facial tanning these Glow Pads* are really a fantastic option (especially as you can use them sachet by sachet as and when you want to tan).

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare also offers exfoliating towelettes without the self tanner, I'd definitely point anyone avoiding the 'glow' towards those! You can find the whole of the Dr. Dennis Gross range here.

Do you use any tanning products? Have you tried a facial tanning product before?



  1. I struggle so much with tanning products! I don't tan naturally at all and that is no exaggeration, and then I'm allergic to lanolin which is in most fake tanning products including spray tans - the annoying thing is I'm only allergic round my neck :( Maybe these would be good for me! I'm hoping to try some, thankyou for the post!x

  2. x


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