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March 11, 2014

The Body Shop Haul & Review

aloe night cream camomile cleansing butter satsuma body oil tea tree clearing lotion REVIEW

Quite a while ago I made a little order from the Body Shop taking advantage of one of their many 50% discount codes. Today I'm going to be showing you what I bought and briefly letting you know how I've gotten on with the products, what I like or dislike about them and if I'd recommend them to others. I don't often do haul and review posts altogether like this but I let the haul post go too long without publishing it so now it makes sense to make it into something a bit more substantial. 

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream
I've gotten through a couple of pots of this night cream before and I really highly recommend it for sensitive or dry skin types. I find it really restores my complexion to looking its best and I always look back very fondly at photos of my skin when I've been using the Body Shop's Aloe Range - it just has more of a glow to it. The Night Cream is very thick and hydrating but it doesn't break me out or irritate my skin at all. I find that a pot tends to last between two-three months if I use it every single night and I would use it in conjunction with the day cream unless you have oily skin like I do in which case I'd recommend either of the Body Shop's Seaweed  moisturisers for use during the day.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Lotion
This is another product that I'm repurchasing, I used a small tube of this up last year. I find that it is a really budget friendly spot treatment and I like to apply it to any blemishes that appear or that I feel appearing to help clear them up quickly without overly drying out my skin. It's a great product, really affordable and I think it would suit many skin types as it isn't too strong. This is another one of those staple products from the Body Shop that I always recommend. 

The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Oil
Last year I finished the Moringa Beautifying Oil which I really enjoyed and I couldn't help but repurchase it in the Satsuma scent. I love the Body Shop's Satsuma range, I'm tempted to get everything in this scent that I possibly can! My flatmates always compliment me after I've applied this as the scent does linger for quite a while and people tend to like it. I love the body oil's long lasting hydrating effects too. I apply it on wet skin after I shower and my skin stays soft all day long. I'd happily repurchase this over and over and I'd definitely recommend it. 

The Body Shop Muslin Cleansing Cloths
I bought these to use in conjunction with the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and these Muslin Cloths are the only part of my order that I'm disappointed in. They're quite scratchy and I feel as though they aggravate my sensitive skin when I use them. I gave them a good try but I really don't feel like they've very nice to use. I much prefer my Primark flannels or my Liz Earle Muslin Cloth* which is a lot more gentle on my skin. I wouldn't buy any more of these and I wouldn't recommend them.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
Now, this is the product that I get asked about the most. It's an oil cleansing balm that melts make-up and dirt off the skin before you lift the product off your skin with a muslin cloth/flannel/sponge. I really loved the texture of this balm cleanser when I first tried it and it's very gentle on my skin which is great. However, it isn't as nourishing as other balm cleansers that I've before but that makes it good for people like me who don't have dry skin and don't need a really hydrating cleanser. But it might leave those with dry or very-dry skin a little bit disappointed. I find it great at removing my make-up but I don't like to only use this when I cleanse, it does tend to replace a micellar water or make-up remover and I would then cleanse again afterwards with a gel or cream cleanser. This isn't because the Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing butter can't deeply cleanse skin, it is just a preference of mine. I'll happily continue to use this cleanser but it hasn't been a revolutionary addition and I'm not sure at the moment if I would repurchase it, but I am enjoying trying it out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it's helped you work out if these are products worth you trying. I'd love to hear any recommendations you have of products from the Body Shop that you think I should try - I feel as if I'm slowly making my way through the entire store!



  1. I'm glad you feel the same about that cleanser - I like it, but I feel the need to double cleanse as it leaves my skin feeling a bit icky after use! x

  2. I didn't take advantage of the 50% off and now I'm kicking myself!!

  3. I love The Body Shop for skincare bits, it's lovely and everything smells amazing. The Camomile Cleanser is at the top of my list, I heard someone compare it to the Emma Hardie ages ago and have had my sights set on it ever since!

    Jade | skinsweet

  4. the camomile cleanser is a favourite of mine :) but I agree that you need to double cleanse with it! ive actually got a review of it going up tomorrow.

    Catherine x

  5. Great buys! I love the camomile cleansing balm, it's so good at removing make up xx

  6. Ooh never considered a beautifying oil but I may have to now! Sounds lovely!

  7. Great picks! I love their satsuma range :) xx

  8. I used their Tea Tree range when I was teenager and not sure why I stopped, it worked so well! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  9. I actually agree with you on the muslin cloths being scratchy and not that nice to use, I didn't know whether it was just me though or whether they were actually supposed to feel that way! I do love all the other things I've bought from The Body Shop though.

  10. the camomile & aloe range work so well for my combination skin wish I'd of taken advantage of the amazing deal! (: xx


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