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March 02, 2014

Review: Bourjois Happy Light Serum Primers (Luminous and Matte)

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When these two primers were first released I practically skipped out of the house to pick them both up. Although I have combination skin I can really testify to the powers of illuminating primers - they have the power to cover so many sins, especially the chronic sleep deprivation that post-graduate study has led me into. For instance, I've been incredibly impressed with L'Oreal's Magic Lumi Primer which has been an almost daily staple of mine for the last year. However, there is something a little off about these two Bourjois primers. I really don't feel as though they perform at the same level as I've come to expect from Bourjois products. I love Bourjois' Clubbing Eyeliner and their mascaras but these two primers just don't do that much for my skin. They don't really extend the wear time of my make-up and if anything I find that they both are detrimental to it! The matte primer was especially disappointing as it really did very little to help my oily t-zone, whereas because I didn't expect the illuminating primer to help mattify it couldn't let me down in that way. 

When I wear the matte primer without foundation I find it works better at controlling shine but it doesn't seem to perform all that well when layered under make-up. The illuminating primer offers a very pretty pink glow (which is different from L'Oreal's primer which offers a white, opalescence) and it does brighten up the drier areas of my face quite well. I will continue to use both of these products albeit somewhat half-heartedly. I had very high expectations (and this may be to blame) so I can't help but feel a little bit let down. Whilst these are by no means bad products I don't think they testify to Bourjois' normal high quality and I wouldn't repurchase them. 

Have you tried either of these primers? What make-up primer would you recommend I try instead?



  1. I only their blushers for some reason..but these seem really time...I'm on the hunt for a primer

  2. I really want to try that matte base, but I still can't find it anywhere in the shops around where I live :/. Sounds lovely!


  3. What a shame both were disappointing given your high expectations of Bourjois products. I was thinking of picking up the illuminating primer but I'm glad I didn't now. Think I'll have to investigate the L'Oreal one you mentioned though!

  4. I'm the opposite, I really don't like the L'oreal primer, but saying that I didn't like the matte primer to start with, but now I really get on with it. My secret is to combine it with the clarins instant smooth, works wonders! x

    Amy / srslylou

  5. I have had such bad experiences with primers, they all seem to dry out my skin. Its such a shame these 2 were a let down for you, nothing worse than a disapointing product x


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