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March 09, 2014

Review: Effaclar Duo [+]

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After reading so much about the Effaclar Duo I was more than keen to put the new Effaclar Duo [+]* to the test. I haven't tried the original so I can't make any comparative comments, but I will say now that the Effaclar Duo [+]* has seriously impressed me thus far. I've been using it for about five weeks now and the effects that it has had on my skin have been noticeable (if not dramatic). I'll begin by explaining how I use it and then explaining the results it has had for me.

The Effaclar Duo [+]* is a pretty light feeling gel-creme and I apply it all over my t-zone (which is where most of my clogged pores and blemishes tend to occur) and under my chin, and then I topically apply it to my cheeks as and when any blemishes occur. I use it in the mornings and evenings but I do use a facial oil on my cheeks and on the skin between my eyebrows because I have combination skin and, unlike my t-zone, those areas need intense moisturisation which the Effaclar Duo [+]* alone doesn't offer. However, on the rest of my face I have found it to be sufficient to use by itself.

What I have found is that over the last five weeks my open pores (especially on my nose) have noticeably shrunk in size and my skin has been left looking a lot smoother and clearer. I've also noticed that I've had fewer breakouts on the areas of my face where I apply this - the only actual spots I've had have been on my right cheek, an area which I only topically apply the Effaclar Duo [+]*. However, when I've used the product on these blemishes they have faded more quickly and the dark marks that I often find get left behind by spots have been less severe and fade much more quickly than I'd normally expect. The Effaclar Duo [+]* hasn't broken me our or dried out my skin, it has just worked as a very gentle spot-fighting agent and my previously very congested skin has been eased considerably. 

For the price, £15.50 in Boots (link here) or £10.33 on offer in Escentual (link here), I think it is a remarkable product and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from congested pores or frequent blemishes. My skin still behaves as though it were a teenager and the Effaclar Duo [+]* has managed to get it seriously under control and to me that speaks volumes!

Have you tried the Effaclar Duo [+]? What do you use to banish spots and refine pores?



  1. I am liking the sound of this alot x

  2. I love the sound of the Duo +, I use the original nightly and love it so I really need to pick up a tube of this!
    Great review, thanks for sharing your thoughts :) xx

  3. This one is my absolute new favorite. I use it all the time and have really noticed a difference in my skin's texture. Definitely another LRP gem :).


  4. I almost added this to my shopping basket on Escentual, now I regret not doing so. I still have a sample of the original so may have to trial that and see how I feel. + sounds incredible!

    Peach Pow XO


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