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March 02, 2015

Getting Your Legs Out: Smooth, Tanned and Hydrated

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Leg products hair free tanned and soft skin

Today I'm going to be talking you through my "leg" routine which involves sugar waxing, a natural-looking fake tan and a really nice body lotion that doesn't irritate my skin - not necessarily the sexiest of posts but I thought that it might be of interest to anyone out there who's got a holiday coming up, a special date or is just looking ahead to summertime!

Anukis Sugar Waxing*

You may be asking, "what is sugar waxing?" Well, it's a form of waxing that uses 100% natural wax and features a gentle technique that makes it more suitable for sensitive or allergy-prone skin. I've been trialling Anukis' sugar waxing products for quite a while (since before Christmas) as I wanted to be really sure before I recommended the product. However, what I can tell you is that I've only had good experiences with Anukis' Sugar Waxing - really good experiences. I always found waxing difficult to do at home and also quite painful and uncomfortable. I can't say that any waxing is going to be painless but I can attest to the fact that sugar waxing is far less painful than other home waxing techniques that I've tried! It's also very easy to do - you just gently heat the wax using warm water before applying it with a spatula and then removing it. I find removing the wax far, far less uncomfortable than I had expected and you get the same long-lasting results as you'd expect from other at-home waxing kits.

Personally, I really don't rate shaving your legs (it can really irritate my often dry skin) and I find hair removal creams are often another inadequate solution. So, if like me you like the idea of using a more natural hair removal technique that has long lasting results then you might like to give sugar waxing a try. Anukis offer "Starter Kits" with pretty much everything you might need to get you started. I personally prefer using the soft wax to the hard wax, but you can use different waxes depending on the natural coarseness of your hair. Overall, Sugar Waxing gets a very big thumbs up from me and I'd definitely recommend Anukis' products.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: easy to use wash off tan and effective moisturiser

Monu TanWorx Instant Glow Wash Off Tanand Hydrating Body Lotion*

Once I'd achieved silky smooth legs (courtesy of my new waxing routine) I've been dabbling in the world fake tan! When it comes to tanning, I'm not a fan of long-term commitments - I've simply had too many awkward and disappointing results… However, TanWorx's Instant Glow Wash Off Tan offers a completely natural-looking colour that's easy to apply and quick to dry, giving a streak-free and even finish. I am a complete fake-tan novice and I find it really easy to use, and it never rubs off on my clothes or fades unevenly. It's really really impressive, perfect for using for special occasions when you might want to flash a bit of skin - and although you can use this all over your body I have personally stuck to using this on my legs. If you like you can then follow up with TanWorx's Hydrating Body Lotion, although I do find the Instant Glow Wash Off Tan quite hydrating so I usually just use the Hydrating Body Lotion whenever I want to moisturise. Again, although it can be used all over your body I find that it looks really good on bare legs as it contains soft illuminating properties that improve the appearance of your skin. Both products aren't tested on animals, contain no synthetic perfumes or colours and are made up entirely of natural ingredients. Basically, not only are the products great - performing far beyond their price point in my opinion - but they're from a really lovely brand with an ethos that I'm happy promoting and products that I can most definitely see myself repurchasing in the future! 

Let me know in the comments what hair removal technique you prefer and if you're considering fake tanning yet. Almost unbelievably, I've seen so many bare legs already this year and I'm starting to wonder when exactly I'm supposed to put the tights away!


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