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March 29, 2015

Beauty Products for Skin Prone to Redness

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: skincare and makeup recommendations masking redness

Do you have sensitive skin prone to redness? My skin can be difficult to look after as it can often react when I use the wrong beauty products. One of my regular skin concerns is reducing the appearance of redness and also trying to find sensitive-skin "friendly" skincare. Today I've gathered together some skincare and some makeup products that I think are all good options for skin that's prone to redness. If you have similar skin concerns then I hope you find my recommendations helpful, but please do let me know in a comment if you use any products that you think I should try out!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Cleanser and sponge for red prone skin

A good place to start when it comes to looking after sensitive skin and reducing redness is with a gentle cleanser. I really like RMK's Cleansing Balm* - it has a very natural, gentle rose scent and a rich, oily consistency. It's wonderfully gentle on the skin but still removes makeup like a dream! And because it's a balm cleanser it doesn't dry out your skin, so it's left completely clean but still soft, supple and hydrated.

If you can't afford to invest in a new cleanser, or if you already like what you're using, another great option is to introduce a gentle cleansing sponge into your routine. Many people use muslin clothes, flannels or even wet towels to remove their cleanser - these can all be quite harsh on sensitive skin and leave it looking red. Konjac Puff Sponges are a much gentler alternative - in the past I've tried their grey sponge, but right now I'm using the Konjac Sponge with French Clay for Tired or Devitalised Skin*. It has a really gorgeous consistency, almost bouncy when wet, and it makes it really easy to gently cleanse your skin. Not only that, but the structure of the sponge also helps to gently massage the skin and help stimulate bloodflow which helps skin to naturally look more refreshed. I got mine from Eterno Naturals, an online natural beauty store that stock the entire range of Konjac Sponges - there's different colours for every skin, but this pink one is a good choice for more sensitive skin.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Skincare for Skin prone to redness mask and moisturiser

Clayspray's Aloetherapy White Clay and Aloe Vera Treatment Mask* featuring what the brand describes as "intelligent clay". Unlike other claymasks, the white and red clay in each Mineral Treatment Mask contain a really high percentage of pure clay, 60-65%. Not only is this clay some of the oldest in the world (millions of years old) but it has loads of benefits such as being deep cleansing and removing environmental toxis but without disrupting the skin's lipidic barrier, so it restores the skin's hydration levels where it's needed. Clayspray have a range of facemasks but their Aloe Vera treatment is especially for sensitive and reactive skin. If you've always found clay masks too harsh in the past then this is the clay mask that you need to replace all the others with. Not only is it paraben, preservative, natural and vegan-friendly, but it's also really kind to otherwise sensitive and red-prone skin. I think it's a really great product.

If you're looking for a new moisturiser to try then I'd recommend checking out Steamcream*. It features high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients - including calming essentials oils - which nourish deep into the skin's surface whilst natural antiseptic properties help to banish redness and prevent oiliness. This makes it a great option for sensitive or problematic skin! Ingredients such as Oatmeal, Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Lavendar Essential Oil and Rose Absolute all work to leave skin hydrated and loooking more even and smooth. I've really enjoyed incorproating Steamcream into my evening skincare routine, but it's light enough to use at any time of day. If it sounds like a product you're interested in then you should check out my Steamcream Giveaway as I have four tins (all featuring different limited edition designs) to give away to my blog readers - all you have to do is enter via the giveaway form.

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: Makeup for concealing redness

Even with great skincare I'm still left with visible redness in my skin. However, in February I had my makeup done at the RMK counter in Selfridges and I was shown two easy ways to mask redness using some of their limited edition products from their Vintage Sweets Collection. The Vintage Sweets Face Colour in 02* features stripes of colour that can be used together or alone. If you take a small brush you can collect pigment from the green stripes which you can apply to localised areas of your face - on my face, I apply the green powder around my nose and across patches of redness on my cheeks. The green powder masks redness really well and the colour isn't noticeable after you've gently buffed it into the skin. Another great way to conceal redness in your cheeks is with RMK's Candy Cheeks Blush in 04* as the blue tones also work to conceal redness. However, not only does it balance the colour in my cheeks but it also adds a very natural looking warm flush that I find incredibly flattering on my skin.

What beauty products do you use to reduce or conceal redness in your skin? 



  1. I suffer from redness, so this is a perfect post for me! Love the look of RMK's Face Colour, definitely going to look into that! Great post, thanks for sharing x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  2. Amazing post, my redness is due to Roseacea, so I am sure these would be useful to me x

  3. Those powders are intriguing - haven't seen anything like that blusher before! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  4. Great picks! I love that RMK face powder. Dermalogica have just released a new anti-redness primer which is fantastic for helping to redness redness in the skin x

  5. I suffer from quite bad redness at times so it's always nice to discover new products to help! I'd be very interested in trying those face powders. x

    Jordan Alice

  6. Great post! Redness is one of my main skin complaints. I am also using this Konjac sponge at the moment and I'm loving it! I'm using it alone, without a cleanser, and have already noticed reduced redness. xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog


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