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March 03, 2015

February Beauty Empties

I'm back with another monthly empties post and, despite being the shortest month, I got through quite a few products! I've got a bit of everything except for makeup, but there is a nice range of affordable to luxury products so hopefully there's a little something to interest everyone. Let's jump in!

one little vice beauty blog: natural effective skincare empties

I like this face mask from Glam Glow as it really, really makes a visible difference to the appearance of my skin as it visibly shrinks my open pores after even just one use. That being said, I found it very harsh on my skin and I wouldn't want to invest in the full-size mask for that reason. But I think I have another mini tube in my collection and I'm sure that I'll reach for it when I feel like I need an effective treatment for my pores!


I started using Hydraluron a really, really long time ago - right in the middle of the "Hydraluron hype", when everyone and their grandmother was raving about this serum. In short, I think that this is a great product for dehydrated skin and I love the way it leaves my skin feeling slightly tacky. However, since discovering skin oils I really don't think that I would ever go back to using Hydraluron.

I was sad to say goodbye to this lovely cleansing balm, but I was equally surprised by how well the small sized jar lasted! If you live in or around London and like natural, local products then I'd highly recommend checking out Skin & Tonic's range. The products are produced in Hackney and contain some really lovely, skin-friendly ingredients. I'm already a big fan and would love to try more of the range later this year.

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum*

I absolutely loved this sample sized skin oil - it does wonders for your face and a little goes an incredibly long way. I didn't know much about ESPA's beauty range before December but I'm slowly being more and more impressed by their high quality products. I've got a few more of their samples in my collection and I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask*

I really love this face mask, so much so that I recently got my hands on a full size tube! It does a little bit of everything; softening, smoothing, brightening and clearing your skin, and all in a really gentle way. I prefer it to my Aesop Parsley Seed Mask (which has a very similar consistency) as the Balance Me face mask just does more for my skin.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream*

I love using this eye cream in the evenings (I'm now using one from Murad in the mornings) and I've noticed a really big improvement in the appearance of my eye area. I find that my eyes are much less dehydrated and makeup goes on so much more smoothly and evenly than it used to - which is enough of a reason in itself to keep me reaching for it. I'd definitely recommend this for those with younger skin as this has quite a light consistency.

onelittlevice beauty blog: Living Nature Garnier Lush Korres A Passion for Natural Lolas Apothecary

Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream

This is a gorgeous hand cream! It's incredibly hydrating and my skin just drinks it up like no tomorrow. I was so sad when I finished this tube because it was the only product helping with my perpetually dry hands. I would definitely like to use this again but I have so many hand creams in my collection that I need to get through first. But if you have dry hands, or know someone with dry hands, then you should definitely look this hand cream up!

This is almost certainly the best budget micellar water around. I picked up my bottle for the low price of £3.33 and not only has it lasted for absolutely ages but it also does a very good job of removing makeup. I'd definitely repurchase this again in the future and I've recommended it to a couple of my friends in the past. I think it will be good for most skin-types and it gets rid of most eye makeup - except perhaps the really stubborn stuff, in which case you're best off using an oil or balm.

A Passion for Natural Aloe Vera Body Butter*

I love this body butter - it's incredibly hydrating and doesn't have any added fragrance, so it won't compromise the smell of your favourite perfume. I've been using this on and off for months now and I've found that a little goes a really long way. All in all, I'd definitely recommend it.

Korres Citrus Little Body Milk*

I love how light Korres Body Milks feel when you apply them, but then they go and do some serious rehydrating work. I didn't find the fragrance particularly strong or enticing, but the consistency is enough to get me to repurchase a different fragrance.

I'm on the shelf about this conditioner. It's perfectly okay, but it just didn't do enough for my hair for me to get particularly excited about it. That being said, if you wash your hair regularly, or if you're looking for a very light conditioner, then you might like Veganese. It does just enough to leave your hair shiny and smooth but it doesn't offer much of a deep-condition. It'll be hit-or-miss depending on your hair type.

Lola's Apothecary Rose and Geranium Body Oil*

Quite simply, this is the best body oil that I've ever tried. It transformed my skin after even just one use, and the results are incredibly long lasting. I love rose and geranium together and the scent was absolutely delightful! It is definitely a high-end, luxury product but I think that it is entirely worth investing in. The packaging in which it arrived and the bottle itself are all very aesthetically appealing and added to the luxurious feel. I'd absolutely love to use this product again and I'd definitely consider giving it as a gift to a special someone - I just can't fault this product in any way!

One little Vice beauty blog: yoso compact review

Yoso Compact 

I was very kindly sent the Yoso Compact to review, however I personally didn't find that it made a difference to my skin so after two months of trialling it I have now stopped using the device. The Yoso Compact is supposed to use ionic technology to declog your pores, leaving you with clearer looking skin. It has easy-to-use settings that you can adjust dependant on your skin's sensitivity and the routine is quite simple. You apply a cotton pad soaked in your favourite cleansing milk, cream or gel over the black, rubber nodule (as pictured above), you turn the Yoso Compact on and then you massage your cleanser into your skin for approximately two minutes. Although it is easy to use, because I didn't see any noticeable improvement in the look or feel or my skin I started to begrudge having to reach for the device when I wanted to cleanse. This being said, although I didn't have a great experience with the Yoso Compact I have read other reviews where bloggers have noticed quite positive results. I wish it had done more as I love the idea of the device and if it had lived up to its claims then I would happily keep it in my beauty routine!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Apivita Green people Living Nature Aesop

Apivita Express Beauty Gentle Cleansing Face Mask with Pink Clay

I LOVE this face mask. It's a really gentle cleansing mask that's also incredibly easy to remove, and it just leaves your skin looking and feeling great. I find that each of the 8ml sachets give 2 applications so I think the price per use is affordable, especially as the mask is really great quality.

Apivita Express Beauty Intensive Hydration Mask with Cucumber

Another fantastic face mask that seems to act as a drink for your skin. It's incredibly hydrating and left my post-flight skin looking remarkably happier and healthier. Again, each sachet gives 2 applications so I find the price very much worth the money and I'd love to invest in a full size tube.

Green People Vita Min Fix 24 Hour Cream*

I used this sachet sample when I stayed at a friend's house and I was really impressed by how nourishing the product was without it over saturating my skin. Green People are one of my favourite brands for skincare and makeup and this is another product that I would love to try out. It would be especially good for those with normal-dry skin as it offers a good level of moisturisation.

Green People Cleanse & Make-Up Remover*

I've featured this makeup remover so many times over the last few months but it really is a brilliant product! I used this sachet sample when I stayed at a friend's house and as per usual I really enjoyed the cleanser's gorgeous rose scent and the way it left my skin feeling soft and plump after use. If I didn't have approximately eight cleansers to get through I would repurchase this one in a second.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream*

I mentioned this eye cream in last month's empties and I can safely say that it still scores as highly. It really is an incredibly luxurious product, but with a price to match I can't say I'll be running out to stock up. That being said, if it's within a realistic budget for you then I'd definitely recommend investing your money in some, as I think that it could be fantastic for dry or mature skin.

Living Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant*

This is a new product from Living Nature and my first impressions have been really positive! The concept of the Skin Revive Exfoliant is that it replaces both your cleanser and exfoliater, offering gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing in one step. I found that it has a very creamy and gentle base, with sparse, small exfoliating particles (Candelilla beads) that gently exfoliates the skin without leaving it looking red or dry. It would work well for a variety of skin types, and for oily skin I think it could even be used daily.

Have you tried any of these products before? What beauty bits have you said goodbye to this month?



  1. Great run down, I keep repurchasing the Garnier Micellar Water, it's great as you said except for really, really stubborn makeup!

  2. I'm using the Veganese conditioner right now (as I said on Twitter!) and I find it OK. Firstly, I have short hair so that might make a difference, but I also use the Daddy Cool (?) purple Lush shampoo with it, so maybe the combo makes it better?

  3. Wow you used up loads this month! There is a mini Balance Me Radiance Face Mask out with one of the mags this month - I think it's Glamour. I thought there was an ingredient in it that would make me break out but I must have been thinking of something else, so going to try and pick one up! xx

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