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March 14, 2015

Penguin's New Little Black Classics (#Penguin80)

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Penguin 80 page 80p books

I think that I can safely classify myself as a big reader. I love books and I love indulging in seriously weighty tomes that consume my life because I just can't put them down… 

But sometimes all you really want is a gentle dip into literature. You can't stomach the thought of committing to five-hundred pages of anything but you still want something to keep your mind busy. 

Alternatively, and this is the story of my life folks, your handbag is just too small to hold those beautiful big paperbacks but you still need something to occupy your attention on those seemingly endless tube/bus/train journeys. And if you live in London then you'll probably know that it's far less awkward to avoid eye contact with everyone if you're even just pretending to read something.

 Well hello now Mr. Penguin… what are these dainty new ledgers?

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Penguin Affordable Books Review

To celebrate their 80th birthday, Penguin recently launched an eighty-strong collection of books that act as a sort of "sampler" menu for some of their most prestigious published authors. Each book is sixty four pages long and clocks in at a very reasonable eighty pence, and when I found a display in Piccadilly's Waterstones I swept up copies from three of my favourite authors. 

Not only do these books fit in every single handbag that I own, but they're also a wonderful way to try out new authors and sample new writing. I love that Penguin is making great literature so affordable and transportable, and I think the entire collection is a wonderful idea that has been conceived very well.

I've only had the opportunity to finish Sketchy, Doubtful and Incomplete Jottings (No. 36) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but I found it a very enjoyable selection of his notes that made for a thoughtful read. Although many of these books can easily be devoured over an extended commute, I think their content has been collated very well, featuring stories and snippets that have great potential for re-reading. I'm already looking forward to breaking out the other two in the coming week!

What do you think of Penguin's new collection Little Black Classics? Do you like the idea of sampling new authors in this way, or are you going to stick to regular paperbacks?



  1. These look incredible and I love how tiny they are!

  2. i really really love the look of these and they're so inexpensive! i'm considering buying loads of them for my friend's birthday because she's a bookworm like me and i think they'd be a really nice gift, great post!

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