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March 28, 2015

New Additions from La Roche Posay & the new #Skinchecker Video

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Dalmations, suncare and skinchecker video
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: La Roche Posay Giveaway Prize
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: La Roche Posay Skinchecker

Last week I was very kindly invited to La Roche Posay's Anthelios 2015 Launch Event in London, celebrating the release of the brand's new sun protection products. I was very interested to learn more about sun protection and it was incredibly helpful to be talked to the way in which La Roche Posay's suncare products work. I was give a very generous goodybag at the event (pictured below - because I know everyone is just as nosy as I am when it comes to these things) and I'm definitely going to be sharing some of what I learnt in an upcoming blogpost where I'll talk you through some of the new products.

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: La Roche Posay Anthelios Launch and Skinchecker

The event was also connected with the release of La Roche Posay's new #Skinchecker Video - which I've included at the end of this blogpost. It's a short video that La Roche Posay put together in order to encourage people to check their loved ones for skin abnormalities - especially their moles and beauty spots. Skin cancer is one of the easiest to detect but, as with all types of cancer, it's vital to spot the symptoms early. The video went live last week and La Roche Posay is promoting it internationally. It's all about encouraging people to keep an eye out for the people they love, especially over the summer when sun damage is much more likely.

I like the video but I like the message behind it even more. If you're interested in seeing some adorable dalmatians then do give it a watch - but if you're interested in promoting awareness of skin cancer and skin cancer prevention then do please also share the video. What's really nice about the Skinchecker campaign is that it isn't promoting La Roche Posay products, it's about raising awareness of the importance of protecting your skin from the sun and monitoring your skin, and the skin of those you love, for sun damage and abnormalities. I for one think that it's lovely to see a brand like La Roche Posay use its international influence to campaign in this way. Good for you La Roche Posay, and thank you for inviting me to a really well planned and well executed event.

What do you think of La Roche Posay's Skinchecker video?
  And do you wear SPF everyday?


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