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March 16, 2015

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick in Rosie Posie

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: LippyGirl Vegan Natural Organic Makeup Red Lipstick

I discovered LippyGirl's Vegocentric Vegan Lipsticks at the end of February and I'd have to say that they've been my best beauty discovery so far this year. Earlier this month I talked about the shade Coral Me Maybe*, but today I'd like to share my thoughts on the shade Rosie Posie* (which I'm wearing on my lips in the photo below).

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: LippyGirl Vegan Natural Organic Makeup Red Lipstick
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: LippyGirl Vegan Natural Organic Red Lipstick Review

Lippy Girl's Vegocentric Vegan Lipstick in Rosie Posie* is a dark-ish, cranberry red with a slight shimmer - but nothing too frosty, just enough to give a reflective sheen that makes your lips appear fuller. I don't find the colour of the lipstick that appealing in the bullet, or even swatched, but I absolutely love how it looks on my lips. I find the colour noticeable but not dramatic, and the formula of the lipstick makes it incredibly easy-to-wear.

Lippy Girl's Vegocentric Vegan Lipsticks are made with organic natural oils and waxes, and only natural pigments. They're also all 100% vegan, gluten and chemical free. Instead, they're packed full of certified organic Castor Seed oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax and Shea Butter. This gives them a smooth and creamy formula without any compromise on a pigmented colour. I've found that these lipsticks aren't so creamy that they bleed, smudge or slip off the lips (you don't even need to use a lip liner) but, because of the nourishing ingredients, they're still moisturising and comfortable to wear. I've been really, really impressed with the two shades I've tried so far and Rosie Posie* is definitely my favourite out of the two. It's going to suit a lot of different skin-tones and it's also a classic and smart colour. Wether you're a makeup obsessive or just like having the one go-to lipstick, I think Lippy Girl Lipsticks won't disappoint you and Rosie Posie is a very wearable shade to choose.

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: LippyGirl Vegan Natural Organic Makeup Look

You can find Lippy Girl Makeup's Vegocentric Lipsticks on the online organic and natural beauty website Botanical Brands for £12.50*. They sell all twelve shades of Lippy Girl's Vegocentric Vegan Lipsticks and I've already got my eye on some of the other colours



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    1. I love the shade but I really love knowing that there are makeup brands out there with products that are better for me and for the environment too :)

  2. That colour looks great on you - you have a very similar skin tone to me - just what I'm looking for - so helpful. Thank you.


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