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September 05, 2015

Choosing an Aluminium Free Deodorant

one little vice beauty blog: Dr Organic Urtekram and Bionsen

Early this year I decided to switch out my usual deodorants and start using aluminium free alternatives. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing because it has taken me a while to find products that I really enjoy using. I also have to admit that during the hottest weather this summer I did decide to reach for traditional deodorants - only to find them far far too harsh for my skin, and they've left it very irritated. If you're interested in switching to an aluminium-free product then I hope you find my mini-reviews helpful.

one little vice beauty blog: aluminium free deodorants

The first aluminium free deodorant I tried was Dr. Organic's Manuka Honey Deodorant (£5.49). I bought this from Holland & Barratt after reading Evelyn's review of Dr. Organic's Pomegranate Deodorant - I opted for the honey fragrance because I thought it might be more subtle than the pomegranate. However, that was an incredibly misguided decision! If anything I feel as though the honey fragrance is pretty darn strong and after I've worn the deodorant for a few hours you can really start to smell the honey scent. In terms of it's functionality, it does keep me feeling and smelling fresh throughout an entire normal working day - but, as you might expect, if you were to do excercise then you'd probably need to reapply. The real selling point for me is just how gentle the product is on my sensitive skin. After reacting to a drugstore deodorant my skin is super, super sensitive and this is the only product that I now feel comfortable using. I would highly recommend the Dr. Organic Deodorants but I think next time I might opt for the aloe fragrance, as I think that a fresher scent might be preferable over a sweet one.

Another aluminium free deodorant that I discovered this year is Bionsen's Caring Touch Aluminium Free Roll On Deodorant (£2.35*). I was very kindly sent this deodorant before it was released and I absolutely loved using it! I found it to be very effective but still quite gentle on my skin and I would definitely recommend it. After having such a successful experience with Bionsen I decided to purchase another on of their aluminium free products - the Bionsen Sensitive Deodorant Spray (£3.29). I thought that it would be quite nice to find an aluminium free aerosal option, but actually I don't like it as much as I thought I would. It definitely works, helping to keep me smelling fresh throughout the day, but I don't think it's quite as sensitive as the roll-on. Out of the two I definitely prefer Bionsen's new Caring Touch Deodorant and that's the one I'd recommend.

one little vice beauty blog: aluminium free deodorant

Throughout the summer the deodorant that I've relied upon most frequently has been Urtekram's Lime Crystal Deo Roll On (£4.55*). Not only is it cruelty-free and 100% natural (with 11% of ingredients coming from organic farming) but I absolutely adore the fresh scent and found that it was a really lovely and reliable products. Generally I had no issues with sensitivity, but in the most recent few weeks I've had an eczema flare-up and it now isn't so comfortable to use. For those with normal or slightly sensitive skin then I don't think you'll have any problems, but this definitely doesn't work well for aggravated skin! I decided to switch back to using Dr. Organic's Manuka Honey Deodorant and found that it was much gentler and more comfortable. However, in terms of the fragrance I really do prefer Urtekram and I'm considering picking up one of their Aloe Deodorants in the hopes that it's a bit gentler on my skin.

These are all really good aluminium free deodorants but you should consider what your skin needs before making a purchase. If you want something all natural or organic then Dr. Organic or Urtekram are great brands to reach for, but if you want something really easily available then Bionsen are a fantastic choice. Have you tried any of these? Are there deodorants that you'd recommend?



  1. I tried the manuka honey deodorant from Dr Organic and it wasn't my favourite, somebody actually smelled honey on me! I also tried other fragrances from Dr. Organic and I like the pomegranate one.
    Currently I am using Lavera's lime deodorant and it's one of my favourite deodorants,love the smell!

    Petra / Be Healthy Now

    1. I've had that same issue with the honey scent, it's why I would like to pick up an Aloe scented one next - or maybe the Pomegranate as everyone speaks very highly about that one. I haven't tried any of Lavera's deodorant but I will definitely consider that next as I like Lavera as a brand xx

  2. This was really useful as my friend has been trying to convince me to go aluminium free since her mother was diagnosed with cancer - she recommended the Dr Organic but it's really useful to see what other brands are out there and what you think of them which will hopefully save me trying them all! x

    1. I think, although I'm not sure, that they have no disproved the link between aluminium and cancer. However, it's always nice to know that there are beauty alternatives with fewer chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. I would definitely say that the Dr Organic deodorant was, overall, the best out of the products I've tried this year. But I wouldn't recommend the honey scent! Check the range out in a Holland and Barrett store, they're not super cheap but they won't break the bank either xx

  3. Deodorant is a tricky one.They say using coconut oil instead works just as well!

  4. Great post! I made the switch a few years ago it's much safer for out bodies! I like tisserand, lavera, AA skincare & weleda I will be trying the Dr. organic one after this as well as Urtekrams xx
    Eloise -


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