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September 07, 2015

The Best Affordable Lipsticks - for Under £5.00

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Affordable lipsticks don't get enough love on my blog. I'll be the first to admit that my favourite lipstick formulas tend to be on the pricier side *cough* Illamasqua *cough* Living Nature *cough*, but there are some fantastic budget products that I really enjoy using. There's something about "drugstore" makeup that's very more-ish - not only is it physically accessible because it's available on the highstreet but lower prices really do encourage me to be more experimental. I end up buying colours and formulas that I might not otherwise try, and although it can be hit and miss I've found some incredible budget beauty products thanks to spur-of-the-moment purchases. Today I'll be sharing four of my favourite lipsticks that all come in at under £5.00. 

onelittlevice beauty blog: best affordable lipsticks

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Belle (£4.79)

I've mentioned Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipsticks a few times before, but I recently added a new shade to my collection and it's rekindled my affection for the range. If you're a fan of sheer, glossy lipsticks then Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipsticks are a pretty good place to start. They're really easily available in most Boots stores and they come in a pretty wide range of colours. I've not really tried many of the darker shades (although I do have my eyes on a dark purple shade in the range) but I am a particular fan of the lighter, more natural-looking colours. I already own the shade Pouty which is a really wearable nude, but I wanted a "my lips but better" glossy pink that I could keep in my handbag for everyday touch-ups. I was torn between two shades, Beehive and Belle, but in the end I thought that Belle looked slightly more flattering for my skin tone. It's a very simple mid-tone pink that doesn't look too blue-toned on the lips, and it justs adds a subtle wash of colour that I think enlivens my complexion. Don't expect these sheer lipsticks to stick around too long once you've applied them, but the finish is very pretty and they're comfortable to wear. Plus, in my opinion, they're a very good drugstore dupe for Mac's lustre lipsticks!

one little vice beauty blog: best affordable lipsticks

I've had this Essence lipstick since a trip to Amsterdam where I had a little bit of a splurge on drugstore makeup. If I'm completely honest, I really haven't given this lipstick the attention it deserves! I have a lot of lipsticks (they're probably my favourite makeup item) and this one sort of got lost in my collection. However, I recently had a big makeup clear out and I was surprised to see that Essence's Lipstick in Natural Beauty ticked all the right boxes to survive the cull. It's a very "me" shade as it's a lovely "my lips but better" shade that isn't too blue-toned or too mauve. I really like the formula of Essence's Long Wear Lipsticks, they're really creamy and they do actually last incredibly well on the lips - so long as you're not eating or drinking. It's been a while since I was so impressed by a budget lipstick, but I can now say that it's getting a lot of love. I've worn it on quite a few evenings out and felt really comfortable with the colour and formula. Ideally I'd like to find an Essence stand and take a look at the rest of the shade range, but for now I'm quite content with  making the most of shade 07,  Natural Beauty. 

one little vice beauty blog: best affordable lipsticks

Bell Hypoallergenic Moisturising Lipstick in Shades 07* and 08*

I was very kindly gifted these lipsticks by Beauty Crowd at Catalyst PR's most recent press day. I absolutely love sheer lipsticks and from everything I was told about Bell's Moisturising Lipsticks I knew that I was going to love them. The formula is really impressive, it's creamy but not too thick and although they don't offer opaque colour they're do offer more than just a hint of colour - basically the perfect amount for everyday wear. Sadly I couldn't find these lipsticks up on Beauty Crowd's website but I really hope they add these to their site soon. Ideally I'd like to purchase another one in a berry shade (much more flattering against my skintone in the autumn/winter months) and that says everything about how much I like these as I already have far too many lipsticks as it is. If these do become available I'll be tweeting about it so if you're interested then you should go and give me a follow by clicking here.

onelittlevice beauty blog: best affordable lipsticks

"What's a lipgloss doing in a post about lipstick?" That seems like the sort of reasonable question you might be asking yourselves! But actually, although it's called a lipgloss, the Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss formula looks and feels much more like lipstick once applied to your lips. In one swipe it offers creamy and opaqur colour with less glossiness than some of the other lipsticks I've already mentioned. What I particularly like about the Pro Melts Lipglosses is that they're really easy to apply, and I find the shade Jammy Dodger much easier to apply than a typical red lipstick. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to get a neat application and the formula melts into your lips so that you don't really feel as though you're wearing an opaque lipstick. At a £3.00 price point, I really can't fault them! This summer I did become used to long-wearing lipstick formulas, but as winter approaches I know that I'll be willing to reapply if it means I can use a less drying formula. Overall, I think these are a really great option for anyone looking for a good quality, affordable liquid lipstick and I would definitely recommend them. 

What are some of your favourite affordable lipsticks? Do you like blog posts about drugstore makeup? I'm thinking of spinning this out into a series featuring lots of different products so do let me know if these are the sorts of posts you'd be interested in reading!

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  1. You've mentioned such amazing lipsticks! I own soo many Essence lipsticks, they are great :) also I just added the Seventeen one on my wishlist heh. x


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