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September 06, 2015

Going for Grey: An Everyday Makeup Alternative

one little vice beauty blog: everyday makeup alternative

As a beauty blogger, even when I find a makeup routine I'm really happy with I eventually always end up feeling like I have to go and try new things. Sometimes this isn't as fun as it sounds because I can feel like I'm missing out on my favourite things, but there are also occasions where I end up trying something I'd never normally try and fall head over heels in love. Today is one of those happy times - I've put down the brown and black eyeliners and found a new everyday staple.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable everyday makeup

It all began when I picked up Maybelline's Master Drama Khol Liner in Charcoal Grey (£4.49) at my local Superdrug. I didn't really think much of it at the time, I just wanted to try something new that was still somewhere within the comfortable "neutrals" category. When I got around to trying it out, I found that Maybelline's Master Drama Khol Liners are incredibly creamy and smooth - much more so than the Rimmel Kohl Kajal Eyeliners - and they just glide onto your lash line like butter. However, they then set down pretty quickly into something long-lasting and budge-proof. For me, this is the ideal combination; something effortless to apply that's really reliable. 

one little vice beauty blog: affordable everyday makeup

Another benefit to going for grey, over more traditional black or brown liners, is that it can be an incredibly flattering colour. Depending on the exact shade you pick, grey offers a softer smokier alternative to dark browns and deep blacks. Against my blue eyes I find grey to look very sultry, subtly drawing attention to my eyes without emphasising that I'm wearing eyeliner. However, I don't think that it only works for blue eyes - it's all about finding the right depth of colour.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable everyday makeup
one little vice beauty blog: affordable everyday makeup

After my success with the Maybelline eyeliner I decided to do some more experimenting and accepted a review sample of Absolute Cosmetics Shimmer Eyeliner in Silver (£3.95*). I don't usually opt for glitter eyeliners but I keep seeing my friend Eilish rock a golden glitter liner and I always think that it looks fabulous! Glitter liners are actually a lot more subtle than you might expect - they add just a touch of dazzle to the eyes that's only really as dramatic as the colour you pick. Absolute Cosmetic's Shimmer Eyeliner in Silver is a very wearable mid-tone grey that isn't too "out there". I think it looks best layered over the top of Maybelline's Master Drama Khol Liner in Charcoal Grey, just so that you get the benefit of a defined lashline.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable everyday makeup
one little vice beauty blog: affordable drugstore makeup

What do you think about grey eyeliner - is it something you'd wear?
What are some of your favourite everyday makeup products?


  1. Love grey as an alternative to black. It's softer but still adds a bit of definition! It was lovely running into you at Bloggers Festival! Hope we will have the opportunity to see each other again at a future event! Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

    1. I hope so! It's always so nice to meet people in person :)
      And yes it's a lovely alternative to black, and both of these products are really long wearing too - which is always a must for me. xx

  2. interesting, I've never thought about grey as an alternative

  3. I normally wear brown as an alternative to black but I may try grey :) x


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