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September 12, 2015

Visiting Pop Brixton: JewelleryBox & Baba G's

onelittlevice beauty blog: visit brixton

On Thursday I made my way to Pop Brixton to meet up with Khrissie - from Khrissie Loves - and Rosie - from Naturally Rose - for a couple of drinks and good old chat. I didn't really know what to expect as I hadn't checked out the website or been down to the venue since it opened. I half expected that we'd spend half an hour there before heading to one of the lovely local bars - but I was totally off the money on this one and Pop Brixton has left me rather impressed. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: where to go in brixton
onelittlevice lifestyle blog: where to go in Brixtonone little vice lifestyle blog: where to go in brixton
onelittlevice lifestyle blog: where to go in brixton
one little vice lifestyle blog: where to go in brixton

The venue is nestled down the end of Brixton Station Road (where you'll find a thriving market on the weekends) and for a Thursday night it was surprisingly busy. The punters were predominantly young twenty-somethings burning the mid-week oil but it wasn't at all rowdy - we ended up sitting on a table next to a couple with their young child who seemed to be having a great evening. Overall I found that the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and I really appreciated that it wasn't too noisy.

There's a great variety of stalls selling everything from food and drink to vintage clothing and modern jewellery. I'd definitely say that Pop Brixton has enough variety to encourage me to return for another meal - although I don't know if I'd want to try anything else as I was pretty impressed with what Rosie and I chose! But before I get onto that I'll just quickly introduce you to the stall that encouraged us to pay Pop Brixton a visit in the first place!

one little vice lifestyle blog: affordable jewellery
onelittlevice lifestyle blog: affordable jewellery

I met Gemma from JewelleryBox at Scarlett London's #BloggersFestival and that's when I first heard about Pop Brixton. She really encouraged some of us to come along to the stall and I thought it was a great excuse for an weekday meet-up. I have to say, I wasn't expecting all too much from the stall and I was really, really impressed by how cosy and atmospheric it was. All the fairy lights worked a treat and with the wood-chip interior it came to resemble a little woodland studio. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: pop brixton
one little vice lifestyle blog: pop brixtonone little vice lifestyle blog: pop brixton

I was lucky enough to be sent one of JewelleryBox's necklaces to review a couple of weeks ago (I'll link the post here) and I really like it. However, there were a couple of necklaces that I spotted at Pop Brixton that I really really loved! I love wearing pendants and JewelleryBox offer both dainty and feminine pendants along with ones that a bit more fun. I can't deny that I have a bit of thing for those sterling silver dinosaur necklaces.

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: pop brixton
one little vice lifestyle blog: pop brixton stallsonelittlevice lifestyle blog: affordable sterling silver earrings

On the day, the jewellery that really caught my eye were JewelleryBox's earrings. There were a whole series of displays with so many different options, if Khrissie and Rosie hadn't have been there I could easily have spent even longer browsing through them all but I didn't want to keep them waiting! In the end I bought two pairs (which I'll be showing you in another blog post soon) but there were so many that I'd love to wear. The turquoise studs (in the middle picture above) seriously tempted me, and I'm definitely considering placing an online order! I like to play around with new jewellery, so to find an inexpensive independent brand that offer such pretty pieces - well, it's a match made in heaven. I'm a big fan and if you live locally then you should definitely consider paying them a visit.

one little vice lifestyle blog: where to eat in brixton
one little vice lifestyle blog: poppadom nachos

After we'd done our shopping for the day we decided to get a drink and a bite to eat. We splashed out a bottle of Prosecco (£25.00) from one of Pop Brixton's stalls and then headed to Baba G's Bhangra Burger for dinner. Rosie and I decided to share some of the Pachos (£7.50) - poppadom nachos - and it's safe to say that they were truly excellent! Khrissie opted for some of Baba G's Massala Fries (£3.00) and they also looked pretty darn tasty. We took out food and drink upstairs into the covered indoor seating area and shared a communal table with some other diners. All in all, I had a really lovely evening getting to know Khrissie and Rosie better and I was really impressed with Pop Brixton.

one little vice lifestyle blog: visit brixton
one little vice lifestyle blog: poppadom nachos

Pop Brixton is open everyday until either 11pm or 12am (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) - and I think it's well worth a visit!


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