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November 17, 2015

Origins Mask Marvels Christmas Gift Set

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I bought Origins' Mask Marvels Gift Set (£30.00) as a treat to myself. Face masks are one of those products that I regularly reach for and often finish, which in my mind helps to justify purchasing four different masks at once! I really love Origins' skincare products and their Christmas gift sets are always excellent, offering a nice range of products and good value for money. The Mask Marvels Gift Set is probably one of my favourites that's available on their website at the moment, and since I bought it a couple of weeks ago (and have been regularly repurchasing some of these products for years anyway) I thought that I'd do a breakdown of each of the masks included in the set. I've written mini reviews for each of the masks, and if you're anything like me then you'll be rushing to get your hands on one of these sets by the time you've finished reading!

Origins Mask Marvels Christmas Gift Set: One Little Vice Beauty Blog

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask | rrp £23.00 (100ml)

I've been using the Drink Up Intensive Mask for years now and it's a product that I not only always repurchase, but I've actually bought it as a present for quite a few of my friends too. This mask is a thick and hydrating cream that you apply onto your skin last thing at night, and then you really do wake up with beautiful skin that looks more radiant and feels softer and plumper. I've talked about it a lot on my blog over the years, and I'm sure many regular beauty blog readers will already know all about it, but if by some chance you haven't tried it yet then I'd definitely say it's something to consider. I have dehydrated combination skin and it reallys helps to get my skin back on track if I've slipped up on my skincare routine or perhaps overdone it on alcohol. It's hard to find deeply rehydrating skincare products that don't break you out and I've never had a problem with Origins' Drink Up Intensive Mask which is why I always repurchase it.

Origins Clear Improvements Mask | rrp £23.00 (100ml)

This is another face mask that's graced my blog many, many times. If you have congested skin, blackheads or problems with an oily t-zone then this mask will have something to offer you. I like using it on my t-zone where my pores are largest and I struggle with oiliness throughout the day. I find that it helps to declog my pores, helps to reduce under-the-skin congestion and all this helps improve my skin's oil production. It sounds like a perfect product, but it does have its downsides too. It's quite a thick clay mask and as it dries it becomes really hard which makes it difficult to remove. If you have sensitive skin then removing this mask might cause irritation, the only way I can remove mine is using a Konjac Sponge. However, if your skin isn't very sensitive then you might just love this mask as I find that it does make noticeable improvements.

one little vice beauty blog: origins mask marvels christmas gift set

Origins Out of Trouble Mask | rrp £22.00 (100ml)

This is a new mask to me as I'd only used it once or twice before purchasing this set. It's quite unlike the Clear Improvements Mask as this has a really creamy texture that's easy to apply and remove. It's designed to help with blemishes, and even from my limited experience with the mask I can say that I've seen it make radical improvement to the appearance of my skin with just one use. It's the kind of mask I'd reach for the night before a date or party if I had a breakout, or that I'd use to target specific blemishes in place of a spot treatment. I'm really happy to see this mask included in this year's face mask gift set, as often the other Drink Up Mask is included instead and that always puts me off purchasing the set. I'm really looking forward to using this mask more throughout the next couple of months and I'm already very hopeful that I'm going to enjoy reaching for it.

one little vice beauty blog: mask marvels christmas gift set

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Face Mask | rrp £23.00 (100ml)

This is the only face mask in the set that I haven't yet tried, but I am really excited to finally own it. It's quite unlike the other face masks I own as it has a gel consistency and is designed to soothe and energize skin, making it better for use in the morning or directly before an event or party. It contains coffee, cucumber and mushroom, all of which work together to create a refreshing skin boost. I'm really glad that this mask was included in this year's Mask Marvels Gift Set as it isn't something I'd normally buy for myself. I think that these sorts of gift sets are a great way to pick up products you love as well as having the opportunity to try something new.

one little vice beauty blog: origins face mask reviews

Do you like the look of any of these face masks?
 And have you tried any of Origins skincare products before?



  1. This sounds like a great set and I might add this to my christmas list haha. I haven't tried Origin masks before but they're so highly rated, I really want to!
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  2. I bought the Origins set last year when it was on offer in Boots and the masks are my favourites! It didn't have the Ginzing one though so I'd be interested in trying that.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  3. This would be the perfect gift to myself or anyone on my list:) I already love the Drink Up Intensive mask and I've been wanting to try charcoal one!

    beauty visions

  4. I love Origin products! This looks like a great set!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  5. I haven't tried any of Origins skincare products before, but I've read many great reviews about them! Would love to try the charcoal mask.

  6. Great set! I'd love to try drink up intensive overnight mask


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