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November 26, 2015

Getting My Ears Pierced | Jewellery Haul & Black Friday Deals

onelittlevice beauty blog: getting my ears pierced

Hey there. Today I'm going to very briefly crack out one of those classic childhood stories. You know the sort, the one where aged eight you go and get your ears pierced without permission. Naturally, your parents totally freak out at what they consider to be a newly emerging rebellious streak and crack down on you with the full force of a hurricane. It's safe to say that the earrings stayed in my ears less than twenty-four hours, the holes almost immediately sealed themselves up and then it took fifteen years for me to summon the courage/effort/interest to go back for round two. What's that? That didn't happen to you? Well, that makes sense really, as nearly everyone I know has a happily-ever-after ear piercing story.

Anyway, now we're onto the real subject of today's blog post, adult-friendly ear piercing. The sort that's suitable for the sort of people (like myself) who totally "aren't into piercings" - but actually secretly lust after all those beautiful earrings they see everywhere, everyday, all the time - until the day they finally crack. I did the most basic amount of research that could possibly be done and settled on Metalmorphosis, who have a piercing shop in the basement of the Oxford Street Topshop And in an absurd and amusing twist of fate, my dad verified the friendliness and good reputation of Metalmorphosis when he admitted that he had his ear pierced in their Camden store about a decade ago, in the midst of what he now admits was somewhat of a mid-life crisis. 

A couple of days later I travelled into central London and descended into the basement of Topshop, paid Metalmorphosis a visit and for the (seemingly reasonable) price of £35.00 I left with my ears pierced, and filled for the next three months by two modest gold studs. I'd highly recommend Metalmorphosis, who offered fantastic customer service (even in the face of a lot of relatively pointless questions), and the proceedure itself was so quick and painless that I was immediately tempted to get more piercings there and then. Although, the pain did come later when every single morning and evening, without fail, I'd forget about the two tiny little healing wounds as I put on or removed items of clothing. But hey ho, I survived, and I'm finally at that point in time where I can change my earrings. I've been waiting, I've been shopping, and now I'm finally able to try everything on!

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: jewellery haul

A lot of the earrings featured in today's post were bought from JewelleryBox, an affordable jewellery company who I first discovered after they contacted me earlier this year. Since then I've bought quite a few pieces of jewellery from them as I think that they offer really great quality affordable pieces. These Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings were one of the first pairs I bought as I wanted to begin with some classic and easy to wear options. They're a lovely size, and despite being so affordable they're still really comfortable to wear.

These are another JewelleryBox purchase and I'll start off by saying that I'm a bit disappointed that these are synthetic as I bought them under the assumption that they were real rose quartz. Nevertheless, they're lovely and simple earrings that are great for everyday wear.

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: jewellery haul

I saw these earrings in JewelleryBox's Brixton pop-up store and I just loved how they caught the light! In retrospect, they're not necessarily the best choices for a jewellery starter kit as they can be an awkward colour to wear, but I love that they're slightly smaller studs than my other choices. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: Jewellery Haul

These were the most expensive of my purchases but they're probably my favourite. Purple is my favourite colour and I love amethyst jewellery - it was nice to find some relatively affordable semi-precious stones on JewelleryBox's website and I'd definitely consider buying more! They're the same size as the Rose Quartz earrings and they're actually quite big studs, so they still make a little bit of a statement. They're comfortable to wear but the one night that I wore them overnight I found them a little uncomfortable, so that's worth bearing in mind!

one little vice lifestyle blog: jewellery haul

Sterling Silver Half Loop Earrings | gift from a friend

These earrings were a gift from my friend Sophia who bought them on the Greek island that she's from. Apparently they were handmade by one of the local women on the island and she brought them back to give me as a "congratulations you've had your ears pierced" present. They're my first ever hooped earrings and I absolutely love them! I really like that they're still simple but they have just a little bit more to offer than my studs. I haven't worn these as much as my other earrings, but because they were a gift I get a lot more pleasure out of them than some of my other earrings.

onelittlevice beauty blog: jewellery haul

Coincidentally, whilst I was putting this post together I was having a chat with Gemma - who works for JewelleryBox - and she asked if I would tell you all about the Black Friday deals that JewelleryBox are running this year. As you can tell from my haul, I'm a big fan of the brand and I was excited by the prospect of six of their products being reduced to just £1 -  they're also offering £1 delivery costs on orders under £10, so you could realistically buy a new pair of earrings for just £2. There are two charms and four pairs of earrings in the deal, all but one of which are pictured in the photos above and below. My favourites are the 18ct Rose Gold Dipped Studs* (which are small but lovely) and the Ball Pull Through Earrings* (kooky, but still very wearable).

one little vice beauty blog: jewellery haul

All of JewelleryBox's Black Friday Deals are available to purchase online here

I'd love to know where you buy your earrings as I'm still on the lookout for new ones to pick up. And if you happen to also have a funny ear piercing story then I'd love to read about it in the comments!

*I was sent JewelleryBox's Black Friday promotional products to feature, everything else was purchased with my own money.



  1. As a kid I was never allowed to get my ears pierced as my mum was never allowed hers until she was 16. I reached 16 and wasn't bothered. Five years on, I coach gym 6 days a week and regularly get hit in the head by kids so healing piercings would not be ideal. I guess I'll have to lust after gorgeous earrings from afar!x

  2. The Sterling Silver and Synthetic Rose Quartz Earrings are absolutely beautiful.


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