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November 01, 2015

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox

Look Fantastic's November Beauty Box* arrived on my doorstep on Friday and I was very very happy with what I found inside. I think that - at £15.00 - this month's box represents good value for money as well as offering a really nice range of products. If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas then I do think that these sorts of beauty boxes (either individually or a 3 - 6 month subscription) make great gifts, especially for the people out there who you already thing have everything already!

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox: one little vice beauty blog

Dr. PawPaw Tinted Ultimate Red Balm | rrp £6.95

value of 10ml sample size | £2.78

I've featured Dr. PawPaw's multipurpose balms on my blog before - with a comprehensive review and lip swatches. I have to admit, if you're into sheer lip colours then I really like the finish of these balms. They're not really that moisturising but they do offer a really lovely wash of colour, and red shade is perfect for this time of year. The sample size of 10ml is actually much more convenient that the full-size tubes, and I prefer them to the full-size product. I think this is a nice addition to Look Fantastic's November Beauty Box! 

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox: one little vice beauty blog

Korres Guava Shower Gel | rrp £8.00

value of 40ml sample size | £1.28

I absolutely adore Korres' products so I'm always happy to see them making appearances in beauty boxes. My only slight disappointment was the dinky little size of this sample - 40ml isn't that much product, although I suppose it is enough to tell if you'd like to repurchase it in the future. All in all, I've got mixed feelings about this one but I am very impressed with the way this smells.

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox: one little vice beauty blog

Bellápierre Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby | rrp £11.99

value of sample size £11.99

Lo and behold, Look Fantastic have listened to our constant requests for more makeup samples and they've brought us a really good one this November. I absolutely love trying new lipsticks and I've actually tried much of Bellápierre's makeup range before. Ruby is a bright red shade - another perfect winter/Christmas colour - and it's got a creamy (but not shiny) formulation that makes it really easy to apply. I'm slightly confused about the packaging which feels like a sample/travel version, but in terms of the amount of product you recieve then this clocks in as a "full size" product. I personally don't like the packaging but the colour is gorgeous and I like how generously sized this product is - this is definitely one of the highlights of Look Fantastic's November Beauty Box!

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox: one little vice beauty blog

Ole Henriksen Empower Foaming Milk Cleanser | rrp £20.00

value of sample size | £3.16

Moving away from bodycare and makeup, and there are some very nice skincare products in this month's beauty box. I haven't tried much of Ole Henriksen's skincare but I've heard some good things and I can't deny that the brightly coloured packaging really appeals to me. I don't usually use foam cleansers so I might pass this along to my dad (who, in case you didn't know, is obsessed with good skincare) but I can't deny that I'm really, really tempted to try this out. It promises to cleanse skin without drying it out, and I love milky cleanser consistencies.

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox: one little vice beauty blog

Ren V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream | rrp £28.00

value of 15ml sample size | £8.40

Oh Ren - it wasn't too long ago when I thought that the brand could do no wrong, but with their recent sale to Unilever I've been somewhat put off the brand. That being said, their products are still as good as ever (I'm a die hard fan of their exfoliating face mask) and it's nice to see their products making appearances in Look Fantastic's beauty boxes. This day cream is aimed towards more mature skin types, but if you have dry skin that would benefit from a richer moisturiser then this would probably work well for you too. Personally, I'll be passing this along to my dad but if I knew he wouldn't enjoy it then I'd probably keep this to use as a travel night cream for the next time I went on holiday - this 15ml tube would easily give more than a week's worth of applications.

Look Fantastic November Beauty Box #LFBeautyBox: one little vice beauty blog

Kebelo Enriching Mask | rrp £10.35

value of 30ml sample size | £3.11

Look Fantastic was the site that introduced me to Kebelo products, and after trying a few I can safely say that they're really, really good. I really like the Clarifying Shampoo and I've tried one of their conditioners which I found particularly good for dry ends. I haven't tried this hair mask before but given my past experiences I have high hopes, and the 30ml sample size is big enough to get one or two applications. If you love treating your hair then this is a product that I think you'll enjoy using.

one little vice beauty blog

Look Fantastic's Beauty Box* costs £15.00 per box, or you can sign up to a 3 month or 6 month subscription where the cost of the boxes are then discounted. I'm pretty happy with November's box - I feel as though I could use everything in here and the range of products is really great. What do you think about this month's line-up? Will you be purchasing one of the boxes?


  1. very nice beauty box with a lot of good products...i really like red lipstick

  2. Replies
    1. I think that it's a nice mix of products and brands, and it's nice to see some makeup in there! x

  3. Thanks for the quick review! I am going to sit this one out (again).
    Usually falling in love with a product or finding a couple of products that I want to try it's enough to make me buy it. But this box...It's just meow!
    Korres, PawPaw and Ren are so often in these boxes and still I haven't fallen in love with any of their products. The Bellapierre lipstick looks lovely but it's what I call a Drugstore product. The hair mask and the cleanser are ok, but nothing that would drive me to buy the box, especially as both together are around 7 pounds, while the box is 15...
    Let's hope they are more inspired when it comes to December's box!

    1. It's really interesting to hear your feedback! I do agree with you that Korres, Dr. PawPaw and Ren are making some repeat appearances in the Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes - I think that the brands must have a good relationship with Look Fantastic and that's probably why they keep cropping up. Personally, I like the brands and their products so I'm happy to see them but I can understand that many people would equally prefer to try new things and discover new brands or products. I don't know all that much about Bellapierre as a brand, but I always thought it was somewhere between drugstore and high-end, much like brands like Inika or even MAC - not too expensive but not cheap either. I too hope that December's box is a good one, I think that if it is then a lot of people will have an easy Christmas gift option.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment - I love hearing feedback on my reviews, and on the products I review, it's always really helpful to get some greater perspective! x

  4. Thank you for the first spoilers! I always google on the 2nd of the month because my box reaches only by mid-month and I am impatient. I actually prefer Ren, Dr PawPaw, Ole Henriksen and so on over Bellapierre because those are bigger brand names while the latter screams drugstore, and has appeared several times in other beauty boxes including Ipsy. Maybe I'll have a different product instead of the lippie - fingers crossed!

  5. Looks like a great box! I love Korres' products and the lipstick is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Great box. I love Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes. Kss


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