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September 11, 2014

Travels with Charley

"In the beginning of this record I tried to explore the nature of journeys, how they are things in themselves, each one an individual and no two alike. I speculated with a kind of wonder on the strength of the individuality of journeys and stopped on the postulate that people don't take trips - trips take people. That discussion, however, did not go into the lifespan of journeys. This seems to be variable and unpredictable. Who has not known a journey to be over and dead before the traveler returns? The reverse is also true: many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased."

Travels with Charley, p. 274.

John Steinbeck



  1. The last part of that quotation really resonates with me on a literal level as well as a figurative level. I've not read enough travelogues, I think.

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. I've become a bit obsessed with travel literature this year - it provided a nice change from the fiction and literary essays I had to digest as part of my course. I'd highly recommend Steinbeck's book, beautifully written and his relationship with his dog is very tender and sweet xx


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