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August 31, 2015

August Favourites: London Restaurant & Food Reviews

For me, this blog post feels like a step in the right direction towards what I'd like to be a regular feature. I started posting my non-beauty favourites at the end of June and since then I've really enjoyed collecting bits of life (beyong my beauty interests) to share on here with you. I'm not a massive "foodie" but living in London I walk past some really wonderful restaurants and affordable eateries almost every single day, and I'm lucky enough to pay a few of them a visit each month. In today's blog post I've gathered together the best foodie bits of my month (I thought that this might be a bit more appealing than individual restaurant reviews), sharing some photos of what I ate as well a mini-reviews for each place I visited. If you live in London then you might well find a new venue to visit next month, and if you're not from London then you might just find some recipe inspiration for new dishes to try at home. The next step for me is that I'm also working towards sharing some of my home-made dishes each month. I just need to get my head around taking more photos and maybe recording recipes, as I usually completely wing everything and make it up as I go along! Do let me know if you find these food and restaurant posts interesting, your feedback is always so helpful.

one little vice lifestyle blog: food and restaurant reviews

Aubaine - Regent Street

Early on in August I went for lunch with my Dad and he directed us away from Liberty (where we'd been browsing) and towards Heddon Street - a road full of restaurants tucked away just off Regent Street. I've been there before but I'd never eaten at Aubaine, but my Dad assured me that it was a good choice. We both opted for the lamb rump & breast served with confit potatoes, pea purée, spring vegetables and lamb jus (£15.50 each) and it was, in one word, incredible. The portion size was perfect, the flavourings were very well balanced and I'd definitely order it again! The venue is also pretty lovely, it has copious outdoor seating making it a perfect destination for summer dining as well as a more modest, but incredibly chic, indoor space. The service was pretty impeccable and were sweet talked into desert (£5.00 each). The waiting staff bring over a plate full of fresh pastries, cakes and tarts and allow you to choose what you'd like there at the table. Seeing them all in front of you is a much better way to make an order and what we both ordered was delicious, although a bit too indulgent after our lamb or wine. In future I'd probably just stick to the savoury dishes, but I'd definitely return and I would highly recommend it.

one little vice lifestyle blog: food and restaurant reviews

ngon - Vietnamese Café in Chiswick

I don't usually venture into Chiswick but I was in the area visiting an auction house so I decided to seek out a local café for lunch. I spotted ngon a while back in Time Out, and as a lover of vietnamese food I thought it would be a great destination for a quick lunch. Situated on Chiswick highstreet it doesn't command much attention, especially as it has a small shop front, but inside there's ample seating, plenty of staff and very efficient service. In the end, my friend and I opted for the Summer Rolls with Prawns (£4.95) and the Pulled Chicken Vermicelli Bowl (£6.95) which we shared. Although I enjoyed both dishes I thought that the Summer Rolls were particularly tasty and we did eventually make a second order, opting for the Prawn and Pork filling. The food was tasty but the dishes we ordered felt quite light, making it a perfect destination for lunch or dinner. The menu certainly had a lot to offer and if I was in the area again then I'd definitely consider returning.

one little vice lifestyle blog: food and restaurant favourites

Herman ze German (in Soho)

This was my first visit to Herman ze German, a small two-restaurant operation situated in London (Soho and Charing Cross) serving up authentic German sausages. Other than filling and affordable food, I didn't really know what to expect. The décor was fun but functional and the menu was suitably varied to encourage me to return so that I could try something different. I opted for a Bockwurst sausage in a roll with crispy onions (£4.45) and I was really impressed with just how tasty such a simple dish could be. The bread was fresh, the sausage was delicious and the complimentary in-house sauces were the perfect accompaniment. I visited with a friend and we also decided to share a portion of chips (£2.95), although in retrospect this was slightly uneccesary as the Bockwurst was filling enough by itself. I thought the chips were really lovely - crisp on the outside but wonderfully fluffy on the inside, and portion-wise there's more than enough to share between two! All in all, I really enjoyed my visit and if you're looking for a cheap-eat in central London then I think that it's a wonderful destination. I'll definitely be going back!

one little vice lifestyle blog: food and restaurant favourites

It's no secret that I love Busaba Eathai! Earlier this year I actually attended the Kingston Riverside restaurant relaunch, and this month (after a very happy day out at Hampton Court Palace) I returned with a friend and some family in tow. The food was as good as ever and we shared a good few different starters between us. My particular favourites were the Goong Thod, breaded king prawns with chilli and lime sauce, (£6.95) and Por Pia Jay, vegetable spring rolls, (£4.50). We did also order the Thai Calamari (£6.90) which is usually one of my favourite dishes, but on the day it was actually a little disappointing. The portion size was definitely smaller than it used to be and the flavouring just wasn't as good as usual, all of which was a bit disappointing! However, my main course, the Sen Chan Pad Thai (£9.90), was amazing and definitely made up for the earlier let-down. Busaba Eathai really know how to do noodles, and their Pad Thai dishes are among my favourites. There are a lot of Busaba Eathai restaurants throughout London and I'd definitely recommend them. I always recieve great (and quick) service and the food, almost without exception, is pretty impressive too. 

Do you eaten anywhere fabulous this month? Do you like re-visiting the same restaurants? Or do you like trying out new places to eat?


  1. All look fab! We loved Caxton Grill and Mishkins last time in London. So much choice! x

    1. I'll have to check that out! Thank you for the recommendation x

  2. I like trying out new places to eat and I enjoy trying out food I haven't tried before. :)
    Love the photos, everything looks so yummy!

  3. I like trying out new places, as long as they have good reviews!:)


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