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August 30, 2015

August Non Beauty Favourites

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I was a little bit slack on the posting front this month so this post wasn't split in two and is therefore jam-packed! I have, however, decided to do a seperate foodie post this month (otherwise this would have honestly gone on and on!) and that'll be going up in the next couple of days. For now I'm going to be sharing some of the more exciting places in London that I've been visiting as well as some other bits and bobs too. If you live in London, or are visiting soon, then I think that you might get a little bit of inspiration for things to do - but don't worry non-Londoners, there's a couple of universally relevant favourites too!

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Sir Percival David Chinese Ceramics Collection at the British Museum 

As much as I love visiting museums I didn't ever think I could quite so excited about porcelain as I did when I visited the British Museum to check out the Sir Percival David collection. I heard about the collection on a TV program this month (I can't remember what it was) and on the spur of the moment I decided to pay it a visit. What's housed in the British Museum is an incredible collection of Chinese ceramics, some of which is hundreds and hundreds of years old. I was really surprised by how modern some of the ceramic looked, and just how incredibly beautiful everything was. It's definitely a bit of an odd-ball pick but I loved it and I'd say that it's a great excuse to get out of the house on a rainy weekend. The Sir Percival David Collection is a free & permanent exhibition.

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Studio 8 London at John Lewis Kingston

During August I was invited along to John Lewis in Kingston to check out a new addition to their shop floor - the new Studio 8 London clothing range. I don't usually cover fashion but I was intrigued by Studio 8's range, which caters for sizes 16 - 24. Before I agreed to attend I checked out the clothing online and was really impressed by what was on offer. On the night of the event, I had the opportunity to try on pretty much everything in the range and I was left with a really positive impression. I've shared photos of my three favourite pieces from the collection (all of which I'd ideally like to run out and purchase) but John Lewis also stocked loads of other lovely dresses and casual pieces that I liked too. One real benefit of attending the event was that I was able to see what the clothes looked like on a number of other bloggers, all of whom were different shapes and sizes. As far as I was aware on the evening, everyone there was very well catered for and the feedback from everyone was resoundingly positive. Overall, if you think you'd be interested in Studio 8 London's clothing range then I would highly recommend paying John Lewis Kingston a visit. It's wonderful to see such lovely and well tailored clothing available on the shop floor in the brand's full sizing range, I think that it's a great addition to the Kingston store.

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

The Painted Hall in Greenwich

During August I actually visited the Painted Hall in Greenwich twice - once with my family and a second time when my best friend came to visit. If I remember correctly, it's the largest painted ceiling in England and it really is quite breathtaking. Plus, it also has the benefit of being situated in one of the prettier areas of London. On my second visit I actually made my way there along the Thames by riverboat and I would highly recommend the experience! All in all, I thought that it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Jewellery Box's affordable jewellery

I mentioned Jewellery Box's jewellery in a blog post earlier this month but I thought that it deserved another shout out. I was very kindly sent the pieces pictured in my photos above and I've been wearing them so much. The little origami pendant is definitely my favourite and I absolutely love it! I'd been seeing these sorts of necklaces all over pinterest and seriously lusting after them - and if I'd known that they were available online for just £8.00 then I'd definitely had picked one up sooner. So a big thank you to Jewellery Box, I'll definitely be making my own purchases in the future as I love the site. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Hampton Court Palace

This was such a throwback! I hadn't visited Hampton Court Palace (the home of King Henry VIII - and many others!) since I was at school but it is a seriously lovely place to visit during the summer. Not only is the palace itself massive but it also has incredible grounds with a series of beautiful gardens. When Tom (my best friend) came to visit we really tried to do as many daytrips as possible and I think that this one was probably my favourite. It was definitely the most expensive of the places we visited but it is just dripping with historical excitement, and every room has it's own story. I loved it and I'd definitely like to go back again.

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Dover Street Market 

This was actually my first ever visit to Dover Street Market and I was left suitably impressed! Imagine a cross between a shop and a showroom - that's essentially the vibe that you get here. It's an artsy space that still functions as a store, but even the shop attendants are more interesting and just that bit larger than life. I won't be doing any actual shopping here any time soon, but it was a really fun place to walk around.

one little vice lifestyle blog: clapham cinema

Clapham Picturehouse 

I've been visiting the Clapham Picturehouse since I was a teenager - whenever I've lived in London I've always been suitably close by for it to be my "local" cinema. During August I went to see a couple of films, including Inside Out and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I really enjoyed both but it was particularly lovely to see Inside Out wih Tom. Visiting the cinema used to be something that we did every single Wednesday back when we were at university together, so it's always a little bit nostalgic. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Heartbeat - Covent Garden Exhibition

If you head to Covent Garden over the next month then you'll be in for a real treat. The artist Charles P├ęttilon has installed 100,000 balloons in a really beautiful cloud-like display. I didn't really know what to expect before I arrived but I think it's much more beautiful in person than in photographs - especially my iPhone photos! There's not much to do other than to just take some time to admire the structure, but if you have the time then I think that it's well worth a visit.

one little vice lifestyle blog: non beauty favourites

Look Fantastic's 17th Birthday Party - with Eilish

As fun as blogger events can be, sometimes there's nothing better than a good old fashioned party. Look Fantastic celebrated their birthday this month and threw a really lovely get together at a very stylish bar in the heart of London. I called up a blogger friend of mine - Eilish from Eyelash in Wonderland - and we enjoyed a good old catch up before heading to the party. At the party it was lovely to catch up with Zoe from Face Value, and to chat with Jess and Sarah from Look Fantastic. I enjoyed one too many drinks (probably more than one too many) but I think that everyone did that night! I'm very grateful to have been invited, and, just in case you missed it, Look Fantastic very kindly gave me one of their beauty boxes to give away. I haven't been "out drinking" in a while but I forgot just how fun a good girls night out can be.

What do you think of my lifestyle favourites this month? 
What have been some of your favourites from August?


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