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August 01, 2015

July Non Beauty Favourites (Part Two)

one little vice lifestyle blog: best bits of July

You might have missed part one of my July Non Beauty Favourites but today I'm rounding things off with my favourites bits from the second half of the month. July was a really lovely month and the bits and bobs in today's post are some of the highlights! I've tried to shake things up so that (hopefully!) there's something for everyone in today's post, but if you only check out one thing then it should the photography exhibit - it's astoundingly wonderful (as it always is).

one little vice lifestyle blog: July Non beauty Favourites

The Wildlife Photographer of The Year Exhibit at The Natural History Museum

I'd wanted to visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition for a really long time before I finally was able to go. I've visited in previous years and been amazed at just how breathtakingly beautiful our planet is, and how little of it I've actually seen. First thing to mention, these photography exhibitions are always expensive - £12.60/£14.00 - and I think it definitely puts people off attending. If you're really strapped for cash then this exhibit obviously isn't worth splasing out on, but if the real issue is that you'd prefer to spend your money elsewhere then I think you're missing out. I spent about an hour browsing the exhibition and in that time I was transported to places that I've never visited before and that in all likelihood I'll never see in person. In the exhibit I saw close-up shots of lava, volcanic thunderstorms, the most haunting underwater image that I've ever come across, and oh so much more. I find this annual photographic exhibition utterly fascinating and it isn't just the standard of the photography that keeps me coming back, it's the unique insights into nature that compel me to return. Those three images I've shared in the picture above, they're postcards that I picked up after my visit. They're just three of the beautiful shots that were on display, and despite being incredibly beautiful they're not even my favourites. I don't know how the judges picked the winners because to my eye every shot was beautiful and wondrous in equal measure. If you're in London and you have even a modicum of interest in the natural world then I'd highly recommend this exhibit - it's running until August 31st. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: eating solo in london

Princi Soho - Café and Restaurant

In the midst of a pretty hectic day I found myself alone in Soho looking for somewhere to get lunch. I've been to Princi once before and I remembered it being the perfect venue for eating solo - not only are there loads of shared group tables, but there's also a very long bar along one aisde of the restaurant that's perfect for single and couple dining. If you're ever in Soho and want some delicous and affordable italian food at a stylish venue then I'd highly recommend paying Princi a visit. My recommendations are the pizza slices (approx £4.00) and the mix-and-match salad plates (approx. £3.00 - £8.00).

one little vice lifestyle blog: books to read this summer

Re-reading my favourite children's book series

I almost certainly don't talk enough about reading on my blog - definitely not enough to reflect my personal interest in the subject. After four years at university studying English Literature I've dedicated a valuable portion of my life to books, and my love is well and truly solidified. But as much as I value everything new and expanding my horizons, there's a wealth of personal pleasure to be gained by revisiting old favourites. This month I decided to re-read some of the children's books that got me hooked on literature, the ones that were formative and set me on the course towards falling in love with storytelling. The two series that I remember being particularly important were C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnie (a seven book series) and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy. I found it easiest to get my hands on the latter trio (which I conveniently found in a set at my local Oxfam bookshop) and I've been getting well and truly stuck-in ever since I brought them home. Although the story is overly familiar, the process of re-reading has reminded me of how far I've come since I first picked up the books. My tastes have evolved, I'm almost a completely different person - and yet I still love the story, I love the writing and I'm remembering how invested I used to get and how happily and greedily I consumed books. If you're ever in a rut and don't know how to move forward with your interests then I'd highly recommend looking back right to their origin. I've always had the time and the inclincation, but sometimes I need reminding of why I do the things I like; and when it comes to reading it turns out that it's all about the imaginative excitement, and the hunger for more. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: The B Rex Burger Review

Byron Clapham Common - The Chicken B-Rex Burger

Something you might not know about me is that I don't eat beef, and I can wholeheartedly say that I've never had a beef burger! But even so, I'm still very much a fan of burgers, I just sub in chicken or lamb in place of beef. In many restaurants they claim that this seemingly simple process is impossible and I'm stuck with just the one or two non-beef options. However, Byron is one restaurant where this is never an issue, and I'm always able to order whatever takes my fancy. The B-Rex Burger is one of Byron's latest creations and my god it is delicious. Whether you're already a fan of Byron or if you haven't ever stepped through the door, I implore you to give this burger a try. If it really doesn't take your fancy, then my second recommendation comes in the form of their courgette fries - the second most delicious item on Byron's menu!

one little vice lifestyle blog: what to do in London August

Another exhibition that I really enjoyed visiting this month was at Tate Britain. The Barbara Hepworth exhibition brings together a lovely collection of sculpture as well as cultural documentation of Hepworth's personal and professional life. Although I really enjoyed my visit, I found the ticket prices (£18.00 per person!) very expensive. But if you're an art lover then I would highly recommend giving Tate Britain a visit, it's free to enter most of the gallery spaces and there's a lot of great stuff to see. The main entrance hall alone is quite stunning with an aural exhibit which includes the birdsong of over 2,000 different species. So if you find yourself in or around Vauxhall or Pimlico then I'd recommend taking the short walk to Tate Britain and at least poking your head through the door!

What have been some of your July favourites?



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