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August 26, 2015

Serums for Dehydrated Skin: Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum

one little vice beauty blog: serums for dehydrated skin

Pestle & Mortar's Pure Hyaluronic Serum* has graced some of my favourite beauty blogs this year - and I've yet to see anyone write a bad word about it! I've been trialling the serum for the last two months (it replaced my AEOS Realive Serum*) and I've steadily worked my way through nearly the entire bottle. 

Earlier this year I began to notice that my skin wasn't responding to my skincare regime how I would like it to. It was feeling less oily and looking drier and rosier than it typically would. I changed up my skincare routine to incorporate more rehydrating products that were suitable to dehydrated skin, and I've noticed a real improvement. Pestle & Mortar's Pure Hyaluronic Serum* has been one of those products and after reaching for it consistently over two months I've really noticed the impact that it's had on my skin.

one little vice beauty blog: serums for dehydrated skin

I apply a generous amount (probably a little bit more than I need) to freshly cleansed skin in the mornings and evenings before following up with a moisturiser (typically I reach for Vichy's Aqualia Thermal Light). I find that it aborbs into my skin really quickly, leaving it looking and feeling fresher and plumper. After continued use I've noticed that my cheeks are looking far less rosy, and I do believe that this is because they're no longer as dry and dehydrated as they used to be. Although I used to heavily rely on facial oils, I don't really find myself reaching for them anymore. Applying a series of lighter products - Pestle & Mortar's Pure Hyulronic Serum* and Vichy's Aqualia Thermal Light - has proved to be a lot more effective for my skin concerns. However, once a fortnight I do also reach for hydrating face mask such as Erno Laszlo's Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment Mask* or Darphin's Hydrating Kiwi Mask. Typically this is to counteract lifestyle choices (wine...) that leave my complexion in need of a boost.

one little vice beauty blog: serums for dehydrated skin

The only criticism I have concerning Pestle & Mortar's Pure Hyaluronic Serum* is that I wish they would take a leaf out of ESPA Skincare's book and use a dinkier pipette. I don't think I can count the number of times I've removed too much product from Pestle & Mortar's bottle simply because the pipette is a bit too big! I think with this change I'd regularly use less and the product would last longer, and this always encourages me to repurchase a product. I know I could be a little more careful when it comes to application, but to be honest I like my products to work for me rather than against me. If the pipette was smaller then I think that this would be an all round perfect product. Still, I'm really impressed and have seen a noticeable improvement in the appearance of my skin. I'd definitely recommend this serum which you can buy online here for £33.00.

Do you use a serum?
Have you heard of Pestle & Mortar's Hyaluronic Serum before?

*This post features products that were sent to me for review - all opinions are my own.


  1. I would love to try this! Hyaluronic is an ingredient I look for in all of my serums because I have dry skin that tends towards dehydrated.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. I need this i have combination skin so i get quite dehydrated skin so maybe this would be good for me

  3. Looks really nice, thank you for this great review!
    thank you for these beautiful pictures;

  4. I can't be without serums on my skincare shelf now - they make such a difference to how plump and glowing my dry/dehydrated skin looks and feels. I haven't tried this serum, but it sounds amazing! It's a lot cheaper than my usual favourite, the Sarah Chapman Intense Hydration Booster, too!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  5. This sounds like a great serum! I'm obsessed with the Antipodes Worship serum at the moment xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  6. I would love to try this , sounds a good product.


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