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August 07, 2015

July Beauty Empties

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I finished loads of products during July and this empties post feels like a particularly juicy one. Plus, it features quite a few makeup items which is exciting as I don't often finish makeup products! You might be thinking that this post is going up a little later than normal but yesterday's blog post explains all that. For now, let's crack on!

one little vice beauty blog: products I used up this month

Elie Saab Le Parfum | rrp £37.50

I recieved this perfume for Christmas about two years ago and I was absolutely psyched at the time because I'd wanted it for ages. It's a really strong, mature and slightly musky scent that makes me feel particulalry grown-up and womanly, but on the flipside it can be a bit overpowering! A little went a really long way and despite using it regularly it took me ages to finish. Now that it's gone I'm not sure that I'll ever repurchase it, but I did really enjoy it whilst it lasted. I'd recommend giving this a whiff in-store somewhere because I know for a fact that it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

When I first tried it I was a little critical of bagsy's dry shampoo. I thought that the fragrance was the most important element and that it didn't do that much to rejuvenated the appearance of my hair. However, with continued use I did start to appreciate it more and I finally came to quite like it. It does refresh the hair and leave it looking cleaner and seriously volumised. However, I think the price point is far too expensive for what it is and I wouldn't repurchase it at that price.

I loved using this shampoo! If you're looking to try more cruelty free and organic products then Urtekram is a brand that needs to be on your radar. The Rose Shampoo was probably a little bit too hydrating for my hair type (which meant I needed to wash my hair more often than normal) but I loved the results. My hair is one of those things that I never seem to be able to get quite right but this shampoo really left it looking quite lovely. I might not repurchase the rose variety, but I'll definitely be shopping from the range when I need to repurchase a shampoo!

I picked this shower gel up from Waitrose ages ago! I hadn't tried any fo Organic Surge's products before and I really wanted to buy into the brand. I have to admit, despite the formula of the shower gel being really lovely, I didn't like the smell and I wouldn't repurchase it. I would, however, quite like to try some of Organic Surge's other body products because I'm not ready to give up on them!

This was the first ever eyeshadow base that I bought into and at the time I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! For £2.50 it's pretty great stuff, but compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion which I've been using for the last six months I can now see that it's a bit crude and not quite as effective as I originally thought. It does help eyeshadow stay on your lids better but it's quite a thick product and it's also quite a dark yellow colour which does affect the appearance of light eyeshadows. I think I would recommend it if you're on a tight budget but since I bought into Urban Decay's Primer Potion I can't see myself going back.

one little vice beauty blog: products I used up

I really enjoyed using White Glo's Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste as it was just the right level of minty, but I must admit that I didn't notice any serious improvement in the appearance of my teeth. I don't drink coffee or red wine and my teeth are "naturally white" (so not luminescently white but not yellow either) and this didn't seem to brighten them up at all. Since finishing this toothpaste I've been trying something new and it's made a noticeable difference, so I couldn't recommend this one.

I remember being obsessed with this foundation when I first bought it, I loved the light coverage. However, since discovering Revlon's Colorstay Foundation I don't think I could go back to the Nearly Naked Foundation. I find that it clings to the dry areas of my skin and it just doesn't blend as smoothly as I remember. I'm not sure if it's because it's an old bottle of foundation but either way I don't think this is for me anymore.

I love Balance Me, as a brand they're right up there on my list of favourites. However, I think this Hand and Body Wash is probably my least favourite of all their products. Although I liked the scent I really didn't like the packaging and it just couldn't compete with their rose otto range. Overall, this was a good body wash but it just didn't excite me and I wouldn't repurchase it.

This isn't the worst mascara I've ever tried but it certainly isn't the best either. Yves Rocher products can be really hit or miss but this one was just a bit underwhelming. Maybelline's mascara are available at a similar price and I much prefer those so I wouldn't repurchase Yves Rocher's offering.

Case and point! A Maybelline mascara available at a similar price that I enjoyed using significantly more. I've repurchased The Falsies Volum Express Mascara a couple of times in the past and I'd definitely repurchase it again in the future. It gives length and volume and works well during the day or in the evening.

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains were my favourite lip products for years. I loved how easy they are to apply, the shade range and that they left a stain on the lips. Honey is probably the most wearable everyday shade in the range and I clearly reached for it a lot! I'm glad I finished it as I've had it for so long that I'd have had to bin it soon anyway. I'm not going to run out to repurchase it but I would like to have it in my collection so I can see myself repurchasing it in the future.

Did you finish many products during July? If you've written empties posts yourself then please do feel free to share the links in the comments, I'd love to give them a read



  1. oh my god that elie saab perfum is my fave, not for me but my mum wears it and it always reminds me of her! i love a good empties post, so satisfying.

    739051 personal style blogger

  2. What you said bout the Yves Rocher products is true, it's often a hit or a miss. I have never tried their mascara but I absolutely love their Youthful Glow Powder! Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  3. Ooh you've used up such a good mixture of products. I need to sort through my mascara as I have a tendency to hold onto them for too long!! I really liked OS Tropical Bergamot scent but they do some other fab ones - I think there's one called Citrus Mint, which is really revitalising xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog


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