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January 15, 2013

My New Love: Bare Minerals Ready 4.0 Eye Shadow Palette 'The Soundtrack'

Available from Feel Unique for £24.65.

It was in a moment of weakness that I gave in to temptation and bought this eye shadow palette but since it arrived it has brought nothing but joy into my daily make-up routine. I absolutely love the shades and they're different enough from shades that I already own to get some good use. I'm normally very much into neutral and brown eye shadows, I find they do the most for my eyes, and certainly this palette has a gorgeous bronze shade ('Louder'), but it also has a lovely light cream ('Rhythm'), a fabulously shimmery gold ('Remix') and a beautiful deep green with flecks of gold in it ('Speakerbox'). 'Speakerbox' makes for the most beautiful liner and the 'Rhythm' and 'Remix' are both truly lovely in the corner of the eye or across the lid. They also all work fantastically together and are a dream to blend. 

Top: 'Rhythm' , 'Remix'.
Bottom: 'Louder' , 'Speakerbox'.

All the eye shadows are buttery soft, you can just feel the quality of them as you run your brush over them. The palette comes with an applicator which is what I used for the swatches, however, I wouldn't apply any of the shadows with the applicator normally except for the cream shade when I'm using it just in the corner of my eyes to brighten them. I've swatched them below, once was in bright day light and the other set of swatches was in darker 'indoor' daylight, I've included both so that you can get a true feel for the colours. I really think they are gorgeous when applied and it's worth noting that they last all day on my eye lids which is almost unheard of for me.

This was definitely a bit of a splurge as I wouldn't normally pay so much for a palette but I always swatch Bare Minerals eye shadows when I see them in department stores and I couldn't resist any longer! Initially I was going to buy the palette 'The Truth' as it has some gorgeous brown shades, but I was really drawn to the gold and green shades in this one. I think my choice paid off though because now have some really lovely new shades to play around with. I also love the packaging, it feels sturdy and the mirror is lovely and large and although I won't be keeping this in my handbag on a day to day basis when I do take this out I'm sure the mirror will come in handy.

Overall, I love it and I would highly recommend both the eye shadows and the palette itself. I bought mine from Feel Unique because it was about £5 cheaper than in department stores, but you can always check out these eye shadows at Bare Minerals' counters to get a feel of their quality.

Have you splurged on anything new lately? 

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  1. such pretty colours. The colour payoff is fab!
    hareem x

  2. So beautiful! I love the Bare Minerals ready range xx

  3. Love the look of this palette, gorgeous swatches! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. I love the gold shades in this palette. My friend works for bare minerals so I may have to ask her to pick it up for me! :-p

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  5. ooool i love this!! xx

  6. I am obsessed with gold colored eye shadows. There is just something so luxurious about the color gold!

    I am glad I read your post. I'm always searching for quality make up. I think it's the one thing you should splurge on :)

    sending you happy spells

  7. This is gorgeous. So pigmented as well. This reminds me to dig out the duo I have from them. I haven't used it in ages. x

  8. I haven't tried any bareMinerals eyeshadows yet but I hear lots of positive comments about them! I am usually drawn to bronzy neutrals as well so I understand what you mean when you say you choose something a little bit different to what you normally go for and it paid off. Having said that, I do like the bronze/coppery shade the best in this palette :p


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