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July 31, 2015

Beauteque BB Bag July Beauty Box

one little vice beauty box: asian beauty subscription service

Beauteque got in touch with me last month and introduced me to their specialist beauty subscription services, which serve up monthly selections of asian beauty products. There are quite a few to choose between but I opted to try out their July Beauteque BB Bag*, a monthly beauty bag (this month's it's a yellow and white bag but it changes each month) containing six full-sized products.The BB Bag costs $24 per month, but it is cheaper if you sign up for 3 month or 12 month subscriptions. Once you sign up you'll be automatically re-billed (on the 15th of the following month) unless you cancel your subscription - and from my experience this is typical of most beauty boxes.

As you can tell from the dollar pricing, Beatueque isn't situated in the UK but it's really easy to get it shipped here. For delivery to the UK it's an extra $8.95, and the boxes can also be shipped outside of the US to Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore for $9.95. I didn't have any problem with import charges or anything like that, and the bag arrived safely packaged in a sturdy box.

one little vice beauty blog: asian beauty products

The contents of Beauteque's BB Bag are nicely varied, and although I find some of the packaging a little off putting I could see myself using all of the products I received. The first thing that caught my eye was the Yeon /Jeju Special Peeling and Pack Mini 4 Set. Housed in plastic and foil contains, these travel friendly sized face masks really remind me of miniature packets of jam that you find in hotels. If you're worried about not being able to read the ingredients list then put your mind at ease because there's a full-lise of all the ingredients in all of the products in the bag on Beauteque's website.

Another skincare product in this month's BB Bag is the Secret Key Witch Hazel Pore Clear Toner. If you have oily or blemish-prone skin then Witch Hazel is a really nice ingredient to introduce into your skincare routine. However, I would definitely read the ingredients of this product quite carefully, I spotted the words "snail slime" right at the top of the list... If you're excited by trying really different products then I can already tell that this would be a good beauty subscription for you!

one little vice beauty blog: asian beauty subscription service

The next product that I pulled out of the bag was the Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip - a three stage kit to scrub, volumise and nourish your lips. I find the packaging a little perterbing but I love the idea of a new sort of "mask" as I've never tried one for my lips before! The next item in the bag was probably the most disappointing, the Beauteque Blending Brush is a nice size but I don't typically use this shape of brush so I personally won't get much use from it. However, these sorts of brushes are perfect for brushing on face masks to get an even distribution of product so if you don't use if for applying makeup then that is a good way to put it to use.

one little vice beauty blog: asian beauty subscription box

The last two product's in July's BB Bag are the Tony Moly Crystal Blusher and Etude House Milk Talk Strawberry Body Wash. These both look like really nice products from well known brands and they're probably the highlight of this month's line-up. Again, all the ingredients for all of the products are available on Beauteque's website so they're easy to check.

Overall, I have mostly positive things to say about Beauteque's BB Bag Monthly Beauty Box Subscription*. It arrived safely and well packaged, contained a nice variety of products and brands and all the information I wanted to know about the products was easily available on Beauteque's website. The pricing feels a little bit on the expensive side, but you're paying for the convenience of having the products chosen for you and safely shipped to your home. If you're particularly interested in Asian beauty then this would be a great subscription service, or if (like me!) you're just looking to try something new then this is a service I haven't seen anyone else offering. Check out Beauteque's beauty subsciptions online here.



  1. Looksr realy lovely !
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hve a fab weekend!

  2. Lovely boy, contains a nice variety of products. Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip sounds interesting, I've never tried lip masks before.

  3. Wow, lip masks?first time i heard of this. and all veny nice color


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