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October 10, 2014

Loving Lately #2

I've been a little bit absent from my blog and from the internet generally this week because I've been in Shropshire visiting Tom, my best friend from University. I am, however, back in London today with my second Loving Lately post to share some of the bits and pieces that I've really been enjoying this week.

This week I thought I'd share a post called "On The Road… The Randoms" from Hand Luggage Only. If you're suffering from serious wanderlust and want to peruse some gorgeous road trip photos, then this is a blogpost for you. 

This week I've been exclusively wearing Living Nature's Lipstick in Summer Rain* and I just love it! If you like wearing lipstick but are considering making more natural and cruelty free choices then I think it is a really great pick. Summer Rain is a raspberry pink shade and as the formula being very buildable it is a very versatile lipstick which I find makes it incredibly wearable. 

This week I watched a film on Netflix that really stood out to me called Frances Ha. The mood of the film reminded me a lot of Lena Dunham's TV show Girls and her film Tiny Furniture. Frances Ha is about the life of a girl called Frances, a twenty-seven year old living in New York and struggling through changes in her friendships and career. It strikes a good balance between realism and pessimism and although (as a somewhat discombobulated twenty-something myself) I could have found it mildly disconcerting I actually thought it was very enjoyable and would definitely watch it again. 

TV Show
The Office (US)
I'm very very behind on television. Sometimes I wonder what I've been doing with my life because people seem to make pop culture references all the time that leave me completely baffled. I started watching The Office after finishing Mindy Kaling's book (she's one of the writers of the show and I think she is absolutely hilarious) and I have not been disappointed. I'm definitely one of those people who didn't wholeheartedly love the first season, but from season two onwards I have been obsessed. It won't be a show that appeals to everyone but if you like comedy that makes you cringe and laugh out loud simultaneously then you'll probably really enjoy watching it.

What have you been loving this week?

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